star tattoo design picture

star tattoo design picture
Are you boring with your tattoo design so far?
Star tattoo design may be your alternative tattoo design.
This star tattoo now is getting more popular. This article give you a reason why choosing star tattoo and give you some reference of star tattoo design.
star tattoo design picture

Star tattoo designs are very popular. Star universally regarded as a great design to get a tattoo. In this article, I will tell you what they mean and then talk about 5 types of star tattoo designs that you will want to know about before getting a tattoo next.
star tattoo design picture

Star Tattoo Meaning

For most people wear them, star tattoos have little meaning. They just look good. They are also quite neutral and has no mythological or religious status of apparent unless you choose to get the star performed with a certain style.
star tattoo design picture

For some people, they could represent the ambitions or hopes but for the most part they are quite neutral.

Star Tattoo Designs For Girls
star tattoo design picture

Girls are lucky because a lot of star tattoos are considered feminine from the perspective of culture. Many styles are also feminine star tattoos.

Ordinary star tattoo styles are the five sides. This may be a simple line with no staining in any star or perhaps painted with multiple colors. Popular types of tattoos in the style of the latter is a collection of "shooting star". It is very common to see on foot, the inner wrist, hip and ribs.

Another star style done quite often consists of a black line which is adjacent to a region of less-precise ink on it, followed by filling the rest of the center tattoo with ink.

Star Tattoos On Neck

It is a popular type of tattoo and it comes in many forms.

One is to have a collection of fallen star who came from behind (or not) and ended up under the hair line but above shoulder height. For example, Rihanna has a neck tattoo like this. At other times, a single star with a black or green ink outlined can be found in the same location.

Another variation is to have a star off-center on the neck like a shooting star go towards the ear. Some girls want to get the star (s) is done right behind the ear. Although many people find this section, some people might consider this to be a "tattoo face" and could stop you getting some type of work.

Star Tribal Tattoo Designs

Tribal star less common than those mentioned above but they still make for a tattoo looks great. In fact, there are many more varieties of tribal star tattoos.

Some stars may appear to have depth and are in three dimensions. More generally, tribal tattoos will be in Maori style. Tribal design style means five points in the star can be done in a style that is unique to you.

4 Point Star Tattoo

Most of the stars were drawn with 5 points. Frankly, 4 star pointing does not look like a star and the same goes for 6 points. I strongly advise you to avoid the kind of tattoo artist unless you are very skilled and can convince you otherwise.

Star Tattoo Designs For Men

Tattoos stereotypes funny star and multi-colored and generally do not look good on men. However, if he wanted to bring the type of tattoo and he can pull it off then that's his business and who is anyone to judge.

That said, if you want something you can cope more easily then you can choose to tattoo tribal style and is more neutral. Shooting star that has a tail like a comet or meteorite is also a good choice.

[1]  Scott Harris,