HONDA MEGA PRO 2010 Modif Drag Race Pictures
MODIFIKASI HONDA MEGA PRO 2010 Drag RaceThe concept of the motor look like a bike is unique. Been done in the skubek, ducks and this time on the New Honda Mega Pro. It's hard to make it? Uncertain. But, of course with precision count must all be nice to have a MODIF works perfectly.
"Of course all of our order should be reset," said Agus Sudariswanto from Darizt Design (2D) as tenants.
In making this order, reference is made Agus would display a bicycle down hill. "Because demand is the owner of the bike, so I should be hunting model of bike," said Agus.
With a remake of the entire framework of this, of course must be selected bone really strong and fit in dimension. "Material use 1.25-inch pipe size as the main bone," he continued.
Next course should be thought of a tank of gasoline. "If we do not have a bicycle, hence the dizziness could also think about where the tanks are fitted position," continued the owner of the shop on Jl. Plemburan, Gg. Honor Sariharjo, Ngalik, Sleman, Yogyakarta.
That's why the tank in the trunk made the main frame by using the plates. "Models are important enough it still looks sleek in harmony," continued the man who has several times made this phenomenal work. Last year Honda CB homemade succeeded in becoming the best in the arena of contest the modification of U Mild U Bikers.

Agus indeed very concerned details of all work product. For example, if we note the existence of such a right round the bag under the seat. Views like that in bike community is usually the kind of bag used to carry supplies. For example, beverages, HP and others.
Well, for this motorized bicycle Agus also makes parts such as the sack. Certainly for the placement of batteries and other ignition components. "With such a place made, will look neater and stay within the concept of a bicycle," he continued.
Agus admitted some difficulty when installing rims. "Because we use the size of 21 inches, of course, need also to test the tire can rotate freely without friction with body parts," the story of strong men speak with a certain dialect of Java this. To arm all of them also made new.
So also when we look at the front wheels. It appears there was a kind of brake at the top of the rim like a bicycle brake. Complete with canvas ready to pinch if the brake lever when depressed. And that's just sort of bike styles.
Continue to rely on actual brake system for front disc brake. "Because the motor is fixed, can be brought to the street. It is not ornamental," Agus cap.

the DATA MODIF specify

Tires: Swallow 300-21
Rim: Waste trail
Sok back: Variations of Jupiter MX 135LC
Airs next: Custom
Exhaust: Custom