MODIF Yamaha New Scorpio 2010

MODIF Yamaha New Scorpio 2010 Pictures
MODIF Yamaha New Scorpio 2010
MODIF Yamaha New Scorpio 2010MODIF Yamaha New Scorpio 2010

Already a reasonable thing if modifications to sacrifice some of the side. Moreover, if the modifications had a total drived, Surely it can not again identified as the standard motor.
If it were so, surely there must be a relented, for example family. Wives and children can not get again and driving freely get a ride on a bicycle together.
"I want that baseball, even though the motor has been modified, his wife and children also can participate menimati must remain," said Helmy Hetmansyah, owner of the complex Marines complete double Scorpio Jaya Baru, Maruyung, Depok
MODIF Yamaha New Scorpio 2010Yamaha New Scorpio 2010 ModificationsHelmy was keen to modify. Noted there were two motorcycles that have been revamped his total. One was the Honda GL-Pro Neo Tech is also in the Em-Plus face 524th edition. "When it replicate its design concept smv Aprilia 750," Helmy story again.
From that experience, Helmy understood it was time to make the motor MODIF but still comfortable to wear for the family. "If previous motor still selfish, most just figure I just can enjoy," quipped his office at the Marine headquarters, Cilandak, South Jakarta.
Hence changes in Scorpio this time so special attention to convenience sector. "Views such as total modification of the Scorpio had to change the standard but still be comfortable also used tandem," said Helmy again.
"Original frame baseball almost nothing changed. In fact, the tank is also still wear the standard of Scorpio," said Wardoyo modifier of the workshop on Ambara Custom 2wheel Gandul, Gandul, Cinere, Depok.
These changes need extra thinking. The reason is that extreme live cattle MODIF order to support the body as desired. Now the display body which should also be a standard framework meyesuaikan Scorpio.
Fortunately, stylish appearance that prompted hypermotard Helmy. Thus, the framework of the standard Scorpio is very supportive with changes like this. "Just count on wide legs let the desired final appearance can be achieved," explained Wardoyo.
Strengthening kakai-feet, the front suspension upside down selected specifically for trail. Helmy wear enough aftermarket parts made in Thailand. "Just as for use on the highway aja, so need to wear baseball copotan SE motor," said Wardoyo argued.
Views advance so the lock change. Front lamp cover designs taken from hypermotard Aprilia Dorsoduro. "The model covers the front lamp sepatbor fused with a smaller size. This may also be characterized besutan hypermotard," sure Wardoyo.

Front tire: 110/70x17 FDR
Rear tire: 130/70x17 FDR
Rim: Camps
Headlights: Jupiter MX
G2C: (021) 46,427,753