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Celtic Cross Tattoo Galery

If you spend much time rooting around in the history of the Celtic tattoo lands you are sure to have many explanations and historical anecdotes offered to you in forms ranging from casual explanations from individuals to historical markers, tour guide banter, grandmother’s family lore and souvenir shop hang tags.

This variety of sources of information is available on many topics of history, customs, superstition and when the subject is Celtic tattoo Art I have found that the popular and casual sources of information are very generous. Conversely the academic and scholarly sources of information are very cautious to the point of being truly a disappointment if your seek confirmation of the meaning of mysterious ancient symbols.

Body Tattoo Design

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History has never come a cross tattoo a tribe that was equally famous for their art as they were for their warrior ship. Even after 25 centuries we still have their creative art alive. We have their stories, myths, metal engravings, knot works, tattoos, body arts, designs and knots.

The Celts not only dwelt in Britain, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany but they have also live in Bohemia, Italy and Turkey. This is the same reason Irish, French, Germans, English and Italians particularly have Celtic patterns in their embroideries, tapestries, tattoos and jewellery.