Ferrari Signed on for Transformers 3, Could Porsche be Far Behind?

Michael "Blow it all up" Bay has put the word out there: the 458 Italia is going to be representing Ferrari (and the Autobots) in the third Transformers movie, set to be released July 1st, 2011. Bay made the announcement while attending a Ferrari fundraiser at which the red-blooded Italian marque was raising funds to build a hospital in Haiti.
Also, his website mentions that John Malkovich (In the Line of Fire) and Frances McDormand (Fargo) are going to be in it, along with Ken Jeong (SeƱor Chang from Community).
Bay says, "We are going to shoot in LA, Chicago, Washington DC, Florida, Texas, Africa, Moscow, and China." Get your spy-shot cameras ready, people.
I'm thinking the Ferrari needs to be Chase (formerly a Testarossa) or Braver (formerly an F40). If not, it could just end up a badly-confused version of some other character I grew up with, like having ex-Porsche 935 Jazz being a thugged-out Pontiac Solstice (anyone else see his death in the first one as foreboding?).
If you have any thoughts on who else Ferrari's 458 could - or should - be, drop your ideas in the comments section below.
- By Phil Alex
Via: Michaelbay