suzuki titan 115cc

Suzuki Titan photographed at the Prambanan Temple Complex. Suzuki's sales target of 150,000 until the end of the year. The launch for the general public will be held on May 25, 2010 mendatang.Selain has a design inspired from moge GSX-R, Suzuki Titan is a marriage than the previous generation motorcycle and the Suzuki Shogun digantikannya.model cantik suzuki titanModel Smash the beautiful posing with Suzuki Titan. Suzuki Smash stops its action after enliven the streets for eight years. Suzuki Smash stopping by FK 110 code and replace it with a double wing Titan.Desain moge inspired GSX-R. speedo meter suzuki titanSuzuki Titan may be a marriage of the previous generation motorcycle and the Suzuki Shogun digantikannya.Desain Smash the speedometer is equipped with a gear low enough position.Desain any motor that adjusts the posture of Indonesia. susuki titanSeat approximately 755 mm high from the ground to make the body comfortable enough 'nyemplak' this bike.
moge desain suzuki