Dragon King Valkyre Review,Spec,Picture,Insurance,Buy

Dragon King Valkyre Review,Spec,Picture,Insurance,Buy

Dragon King Valkyre If Batman ever needed a newly redesigned Batcycle, we’re all for telling him to give the guys of Whitehouse of Japan a call. Taking a stock Honda Valkyrie, Whitehouse of Japan mustered and used all their creative juices to turn the once popular bike into the Dragon King.

Weighing in at 652 lbs, the Dragon King Valkyrie comes with a completely redesigned look that combines styling tweaks on the front fairing with a new custom paint that makes it look even more formidable than it already is. Whitehous of Japan readjusted the bike’s seat to 28.75 inches and retooled the bike’s performance specs by inputing a single camshaft flat six-cylinder engine that’s capable of producing a 100 horsepower and 132 Nm of torque. It’s not going to be setting any speed records considering is bulky weight, but bikes like this are as enjoyed more for their power and imposing looks as they are for their breakneck speeds.

Dubbed Whitehouse Ryujin, or Dragon King, this super-modified Valkyrie received various bodywork enhancements, including a stylised front fairing and custom painting that makes it look like a menace to the road. In addition to that, the seat height is 28.75 inch (730mm), which is lower than you might think.

Powered by a torque-laden 1520cc single camshaft flat six-cylinder engine, the bike has also received an exhaust pipe treatment with six end cans in total. Delivering 100hp and 132Nm (96 lb.ft.) of torque, and boasting a 16-liter fuel tank, this beast is likely to make you actually enjoy the Valkyrie.

The Dragon King Valkyrie tips the scales at 296kg (653lbs), which is quite reasonable for a bike with such a giant engine displacement.