Twisted Metal: Transformers Sculptures Built from Recycled Steel

Found over on Robo Steel's website (thank God for the internet), here are some Transformers that you can actually own. Before you read any further, you should know that acting fast is key here, because both versions of the 60-cm Optimus Prime are sold out at €280 each. Don't worry, the €5,500 2.5-meter version is still available (whew).
Now then, these here Irish-built scrap-metal sculptures are based on the Transformers from Michael Bay's awesome movie and his not-so-awesome sequel. Other than that, the big ones come in color and the smaller ones don't.
Of the three remaining figures, two are of the Mr. Roll Out himself (Optimus Prime, fool). They come in two sizes: Large, which is made of spark plugs, car brake pedals, etc. and has officially been ordered by me, and that 2.5-meter version which costs €5,500.
The biggy weighs 550 kg and has been lacquered and smoothed so it ain't gonna cut ya. It consists of car, boat, motorbike, and dishwasher parts.
The last sculpture is a 400 kg, 2.2-meter tall version of Bumblebee that'll run you €5,000; it also comes in color, much like the 2.5-meter real O-P. Interested in seeing some other crazy recycled-metal sculptures? Hit the link below.
By Phil Alex
Source: Robosteel