Transformers Film Ford Mustang Decepticon for Sale on eBay

Is US$130,000 a little too much to be paying for a Vin Diesel-driven Dodge Charger R/T? Do you think the home of the American muscle car is Dearborn? Is your DVD collection populated with Bad Boys and Pearl Harbour instead of xXx and Stealth?
Carscoop hears you, and so does MotoeXotica of St. Louis. On eBay right now is the second of three quasi-Police issue Saleen Mustangs built for the first Transformers film in 2007.
The Mustang, which played the Decepticon Barricade in the movie, has all the Saleen goodies including a "3V modified" engine, 5sp manual tranny, 20 inch alloys as well as exterior, suspension and exhaust upgrades.
Saleen then handed the car over to the movie's FX department who added the police pushbar, decals and a host of flashing police lights. The only downside is the absence of a supercharger, which was removed so it would not interfere with the microphones placed inside the car during filming.
The car has been well looked after with 7,200 original miles (11,587 km) on the clock, and is undamaged and 100% street legal. The bidding is currently stalled at US$35,100, which is less than the (undisclosed) reserve price.
By Tristan Hankins
Link: eBay