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Urban Tattoo GalleryTattoos are worn as a way to express your self to others. The tattoo's size, shape, style, color and placement are all things that you have to work with in your attempt to express your unique identity. All these factors are dependent on one another, so if you change one, it often means that you have to change at least another as well...often giving your tattoo a completely different meaning and feel.
Choosing your tattoo design is not something that should be taken lightly, as the tattoo itself is going to last much longer than the spur-of-the-moment decision when selecting it! You do not want to regret your decision a few months, or even years down the line! So your first step is to go and think about why you want a tattoo. What are the feelings that you want it to convey? Do you want it to quietly represent a certain aspect of your personality, or do you want it to scream a loud message to all? Do your lifestyle choices limit your placement options? What will your tattoo look like from a distance? Or what will it look like at first glance?
Urban Tattoo GalleryWhat ever your reason, an Urban Tattoo may be the perfect design to choose to represent the "unique you". Most experts agree that the best tattoos are those that use the contour of your body to add to the effect of the design, so keep this in mind when choosing your Urban Tattoo design. You do not want it to look distorted when you move in a certain way.
So where do you find that perfect design? You could easily opt for one of the so called "Flash" designs wildly found in one of your local tattoo parlors. The problem with these designs is that they are by no means unique...this could be a problem considering you want your tattoo to represent the unique you! And even if you did find one that was mildly editable by the artist, when choosing one of these designs in the tattoo parlor you can not do so completely on your own time, you tend to feel rushed into making a decision - After all, no one wants to go and bother our local tattoo artist for hours on end while "browsing" through his designs!
Urban Tattoo GallerySo what's the answer then? Get access to a specialized online Urban Tattoo Gallery. A Quality online gallery will give you access to some of the worlds best award-winning urban tattoo designs. You will by no means be limited to the ready-made designs of your local artist. And you will have access to international award winning artists' work - something you will most definitely not get in your local tattoo studio. And best of all, once you have access to the gallery, you can browse in the comfort of your own home, completely on your own time. So if you want to find that perfect Urban Tattoo design, get access to a reputable online gallery. Take your time to find the perfect design. Print it off onto tattoo paper and drop by your local tattoo parlor.