Female Tattoo Gallery - Popular Tattoos Women Want

Female Tattoo Gallery - Popular Tattoos Women WantNowadays, tattoos are no just for bikers who want to show how much pain they can endure. Tattoos have moved into mainstream culture where anyone with an appreciation for beauty and art can have one.
The greatest growth by far in the tattoo culture is that of women. Tattoo artists report that the majority of there clients are women. Added to that, women are better able to deal with the process of applying the tattoo than men!
Choosing a design and placement for the tattoo is extremely important for women. More time is taken when choosing and adapting the designs to give more meaning.
Although women are choosing larger and bolder designs than before, the emphasis is always on sophistication. This gives an aurora of "mystique" and a hint of "badness", instead of "rough and ready".
Two areas are generally favoured spots for tattoos.
Female Tattoo Gallery - Popular Tattoos Women WantLower back and tail bone Tattoos The lower back area is a sensual spot to have a tattoo. It gives the appearance of being accidentally 'flashed' instead of always visible. This is extremely tantalizing to the viewer as forbidden fruit usually is.
The designs for this area are usually V-Shaped to accentuate and flatter the hourglass shape of the female form.
Favored designs include; Angels, Butterflies, lions, insect wings, hearts, celtic crosses, serpents, dragons, Lotus and other flowers.
These designs are decorated with wings and tendrils to create balance and beauty.
Meanings of designs The lotus flower: Beautiful design for the lower back. Represents the past, present and future.
Other flowers: Represents femininity and fertility.
Animals: Represents fertility and vitality.
Dragons and serpents: Symbolize Trouble!
Eagle: Represents courage and determination to becoming more than what you are.
Foot and ankle Tattoos Foot and ankle tattoos are symbols of simplicity and purity. These are preferred by many professional and career women as they are not overbearing and are very personal.
Popular designs include; flowers and roses, frogs, eagle heads, necklaces, rosaries and crosses.
Female Tattoo Gallery - Popular Tattoos Women Want