exteme modif Suzuki Skywave, monoshock Front-Rear

exteme modif Suzuki Skywave, monoshock Front-Rear

Modified Suzuki Skywave, with strong sockbreaker Distinct Front-Rear.

Motor With Distinct sokbreker abaft the absolute one. But if the advanced and distinct rear, actuality in Malang. Even if beheld from the right, bisected do not accept that Suzuki Skywave 125 cc Motor Platinum works that do not use sokbreker. Home modifications of this angel boondocks is subscribed to win the contest. What affectionate of application of their hands?

Virus lowrider appearance which has aggressive the aggregation afresh bedeviled Platinum Motor. To apprehend the trend, the arbor of patrolling skubek address the letter 'S' is extended. Way, abacus that breket or agent ascent wheelbase longer. Done? Not yet! Advanced caster damping arrangement is adapted into a single, followed abaft for a bunched archetypal with CVT. When beheld from the appropriate side, skubek a lot of absorption is achievable not to use suspension.

Bodi additionally a appealing touch. Some genitalia are added to some of the fiberglass kit. As the lights and wings. Includes bench awning is additionally from the kit that can calmly mangled. 2010 Suzuki Skywave 125 - Data Modification

Front tire: 120/70x14 Tire Deli

Ben rear: 140/70x14 Tire Deli

Front-rear rim: Honda Genio

Speedometer: zero

Front calipers: Nissin

Sok back: Variations

Oil-cooler: Variations

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