name your dream car

name your dream carDreams are as individual as all of us out there in the wild blue yonder. Naturally, then, every person will have his or her own idea of a dream car.

Now, maybe I have a little bit of an anthropological bent, but I have to admit that I find it intensely interesting to think about how people choose their own dream cars.

What criteria goes into defining a dream car for you folks out there, for instance? Is it all about design aesthetics? Does speed factor into the equation?

Perhaps you are faithful to one single brand of vehicles, mad for Ford or Volkswagen or Peugeot. Maybe you are batty for European cars, jazzed for Japanese models, or perhaps you adore American brands.

You might be in love with vehicles of a bygone day, or maybe you are mad about more modern models. Tell, people! Reveal your dreams on four wheels!