Girl Tattoo Gallery Review

Girl Tattoo Galllery

If you are a girl looking for a cool girl tattoo, an excellent place to

search is a tattoo gallery. You'll notice there are a few online galleries

which may look very promising. So which one should you choose?

Here's my girl tattoo gallery review which will give you an idea of which

one to choose for beautiful designs.

1. An Exclusive Girl Tattoo Gallery.

There are galleries online which are exclusively "girl only". That is,

they cater specifically to female tattoo designs. Now while you may think

that this must be the gallery for you, hold on for one moment. While, yes,

you will get many girl designs, you also lose out on a lot of "gender

neutral" designs which can look very beautiful as tattoos. Recently I saw

a girl who just had some ink placed on. It was a tiger placed on her back,

and it looked extremely sexy! Somehow it was very feminine as well. But it

was the kind of ink that you likely wouldn't find in a girl tattoo only

site. So if you want a smaller selection base of feminine only designs

then this type of gallery might be for you. but if you want a larger

selection, consider other gallery sites.

2. The Unlimited Tattoo Design Gallery.

These are galleries which have thousands of high quality designs, and are

constantly being updated with new designs. While this may sound a bit

overwhelming, and you start to realize that such a gallery will require a

lot of time to go through, I believe in the end it really is worth it. The

thing with tattoos are their permanence and the "regret factor". You

definitely don't want to regret your ink, and I believe putting in your

"due diligence" and going through a lot of designs to ensure you are

getting the absolute best is really the way to go. Besides, it's actually

fun! Once you get going on one of these sites, you really won't want to

stop. It's really fun going through and bookmarking your top designs, and

eventually narrowing down your decision.

Top 3 Tattoo Gallery For the Best Printable Tattoo Designs on the Web


Looking for that perfect tattoo gallery to get designs for your tattoos

can be a daunting task with all the choices available online. The truth

is, you do not need to get yourself into all these troubles as I can tell

your right now which ones are the best. I have seen them all as I am a

certified tat enthusiast myself. I have signed up and purchased membership

in all these leading galleries and these three websites made it into my

top choices. You would thank me for recommending them to you as they all

have literally thousands of amazing tattoo art that you can choose from.

Finding that dream tattoo of yours is now just a click away.

1. Tattoo Me Now is the top tattoo gallery on my list because it has the

complete package that a tat enthusiast like me is looking for. First of

all, it is loaded with close to 4,000 high quality tattoo art that are all

organized according to their categories, all ready to be printed and

brought to your favorite tattoo artist. They have a media library complete

with photos, videos, and literature about everything and anything you want

to know about tattoo. And most of all, upon signing up for membership, you

immediately become a member of their exclusive community online where you

can ask questions and interact with like minded individuals. Another great

thing about this website is the fact that the owner is constantly updating

the collections of images so literally, its like having a library of

tattoo designs for life.

2. Chopper Tattoo comes closely in second only because it does not have

the private forum that TattooMeNow has. However, this website has also

4,000 stunning tattoo art collections that are also arranged

systematically. Interface is very simple and easy too, just click and

print and its already to be tattooed on your body. One remarkable feature

that Chopper Tattoo has is the tattoo lettering feature which is a useful

tool if you are looking to get script tattoos. There are tons of font

choices to preview so you can have an idea for your own lettering designs.

3. Tattoo My Brain is another one membership gallery that I really am glad

I signed up to. It may not do well in popular categories like flowers,

tribal, butterfly and the other common ones but when it comes to dark arts

and hard core designs, this is definitely the gallery to look for. It is

also best for pin up girl tattoos, this is where I actually got mine. And

mind you, they have 7,000 tattoo art in their collections so that is

really a lot. I would recommend this if you are looking for gothic, dark

arts, pin up girls, monster, aliens, skulls and the edgier kind of

designs. You should get what I mean.

So there you go, those are really the best selling tattoo galleries on the

web. You need not look further. Others just offer the cookie cutter types

of designs or low quality images that are really not tattoo material.