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Chinese Tattoo Chinese Tattoo Design Chinese Tattoo Pictures
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Chinese tattoo may be one of your consideration. This article gives you a reason why you should choose Chinese tattoo.

Chinese Tattoo Chinese Tattoo Design Chinese Tattoo PicturesChinese Tattoo Chinese Tattoo Design Chinese Tattoo Pictures

Most of the time, described the Chinese tattoo designs I saw a big, red dragon in the clouds Soaring pulled along behind the man (now even in women) and the Chinese mafia or Gangs. You'll rarely see "a good tattoo" Fierce Chinese sports. In the film, it's always a bad guy with a stiff upper lip and piercings in every part of the Body-Being able to penetrate the WHO, before the big one on one fight with a good man, took off his shirt and then raise the camera in on a big tattoo. Good people will be disturbed; moan bad people, and against active.
Chinese Tattoo Chinese Tattoo Design Chinese Tattoo PicturesChinese Tattoo Chinese Tattoo Design Chinese Tattoo Pictures

Hi, how China is considered a tattoo Know, you'll understand why you only see Chinese tattoo designs on the bad guys. See, way back For the ancient Chinese, tattoo Is just look at the bad guys. Chinese word for tattoo is ci shen, which literally means "to puncture the body" acted contrary to the ideas Confucian Filial piety It inhibits all forms of permanent body modification, so offensive to parents, the WHO gave her child or her body. Is a criminal waste or marked with tattoos on their faces. Taiwan residents WHO wore tattoos of snakes and insects During the seventh century AD Was Also considered uncultured by the Chinese.

However, things have changed over the years, and Chinese tattoo designs has come a very symbolic for the Chinese and non-Chinese the same. Tattoos of animals, whether real or Mythical, are now considered art by the large population of the world, so much so that the tattoo convention held annually in different countries varied. This convention shows both men and women for the WHO in their bodies had turned into canvas art erased, made by the hands of well-known tattoo artists in the world.

There are quite a lot of Chinese-inspired tattoos, Most of the animals or flowers that have meaning and relevance in the Chinese culture. China's more popular tattoo designs in different versions of the dragon, which symbolizes the goodness of mankind helpers. dragon is a snake and a big magical, spiritual and magical powers, symbolizing the unity of heaven and earth. No one will wonder why this design is the most popular of all.

Other designs include: phoenix, a symbol of high virtue and grace; koi fish (from China but is now popular among the Japanese), a symbol of masculinity and courage, a positive characteristic of the Poor ', Ability to achieve high goals and overcome the difficulties of life, and the Chinese cherry blossoms , which represents strength, beauty and feminine sexuality, female domination, and love. Every character in the Chinese calendar represents a year, with children born in a particular year are believed to have a quality animal that year.

Chinese tattoo designs more commonly seen in non-Chinese, most in the West - the first since the dark history of tattooing among ancient China, and due to the Latter for their interest in things beautiful exotic. This popular design reflects the Chinese culture as well as a result of the changing times.

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