12 Amazing Tips on How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

One reason why I love Feng Shui so much is that it really can bring great wealth and great fortune to anyone who practices it correctly. The scope for feng shui is so diverse that when applied correctly, it can help bring great improvements to your home and life. In addition, I am also fascinated by the various effective feng shui cures and remedies that we can tap on to help turn the table around for our many life problems. In this article, I would like to focus on how to feng shui your bedroom for health, relationship, harmony and general good feng shui for you and your loved ones.
We all learn feng shui for one reason, that is to improve our life and remedy our problems. Hence, I hope that through fengshui, you can greatly improve your health, wealth and love in your life. I genuinely hope something inside this article brings every reader the good fortune they each want. Lets us now learn how to feng shui our bedroom which is one of the most important area that you should feng shui to improve the life of yourself and your loved ones.
How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom For Health

Our health is the most important aspect of our life. They said that 'Health is Wealth', hence by taking good care of our health, we will be able to enjoy many good things in our life like wealth and good fortune. If there is one particular place to fengshui for health in your home, that would be your bedroom. Our bedroom is our sanctuary for rest and sleep and hence it is of utmost importance for us to feng shui our bedroom properly. Below are 3 feng shui cures and remedies to feng shui your bedroom for health.
1. Do Not Place Any Things Below Your Bed
Take note that our bed is for us to have quality sleep and rest. Never store any of your things and stuffs below the bed as this will invite bad health to those sleeping on the bed.

2. Sleep At Your Tien Yi Direction
Arrange your bed so that you can sleep at your Tien Yi (Health) direction to promote good health into your life. You can easily calculate your KUA Number to find out where is your Tien Yi direction. By sleeping at your tien yi direction, you will attract good health into your life and ward off illnesses and diseases.
3. Place A Wu Luo Next To Your Bed
For enhancing good health using feng shui, you should place a brass wu luo next to your bed on the left side while you sleep. Wu Luo is known to enhance good health and promote longevity.

How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom For Relationship

Many people learn fengshui because they want to improve their relationship with their spouse, family, kids or even co-workers. The good news is, feng shui does have some effective cures and remedies to help you enhance your relationship with others. The following are 3 feng shui tips on how to feng shui your bedroom for relationship.
1. Activate Your Southwest For Good Relationship
One very effective way to enhance your relationship with others is to activate the Southwest of your bedroom. Place a mystic knot at the Southwest of your bedroom to bring good relationship with others into your life.

2. Do Not Sleep Facing The Door
The death position is when one has one's feet directly facing the door. The corpses of dead people are placed this way with the feet directly pointed towards the door. Feng shui advises that neither the head nor the feet should be pointed directly at the door of the room as this is deemed to be very yin and is deadly for the living. It can also bring bad relationship to those who sleep with their feet facing the door.
3. DeClutter Your Bedroom For Good Relationship
For enhancing good relationship with others, decluttering your bedroom is the number one fengshui tip. Your bedroom should be free of clutter and you should ensure that your bedroom is organized and neat. By doing so, you will attract good relationship with others into your life.
How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom For Harmony

Harmony is the root to all happiness. If you have harmony with your family, harmony with outside people and even harmony with yourself, you will be on the right track to finding happiness and success. Fengshui has a lot to offer in terms of enhancing harmony in the home or outside. Below are 3 fengshui tips on how to fengshui your bedroom for harmony.
1. Do Not Sleep With Separate Mattresses
Couples should never sleep with separate mattresses in the bedroom. This includes trying to form a queen-sized bed by combining two separate single mattresses. By sleeping with separate mattresses, the couple will attract bad fengshui which will contribute to quarrels and arguments. Invest in a good queen-sized bed to share with your love partner.

2. Avoid Having Television In Your Bedroom
Nowadays, many people watch television in their bedroom. However, in terms of fengshui, this is not very good as the TV will attract disharmony for the people in the bedroom. Arguments and conflicts may arise and will disrupt the general harmony in the family. If you really cannot do without a TV in your bedroom, simply cover it with a cloth once you finished watch and is turning in to bed.
3. Avoid Having Live Plants In Your Bedroom
If you are thinking of decorating your bedroom with some live plants, stop doing so as you will attract disharmony and conflicts for those sleeping in the bedroom. The bedroom is a yin environment for rest and sleep, and by placing a yang energy live plant in the bedroom, you are disrupting the yin energy of the bedroom. In times to come, this will cause insomnia and disharmony to those sleeping in the bedroom.
How To Feng Shui Your Personal Bedroom For General Good Feng Shui

After going through all the various specific aspects that you can fengshui for your bedroom, we shall discuss on how to feng shui your personal bedroom generally. Below are 3 fengshui cures and remedies to feng shui your personal bedroom to enhance your overall health, wealth, luck and love.
1. Neutralize The Number 2 Illness Star
When the illness star occupies your personal bedroom, hang a windchime there to protect against possible illness until the star's negative influence has passed.

2. Harmonius Sleeping Directions For Children
To ensure that your children do not squabble or become involve in competitive sibling rivalry, make sure that they sleep with their heads pointing in their nien yen direction that is harmonious and beneficial. By making your children sleep in this auspicious orientation, their chi energy will automatically blend together harmoniously.
3. A Window Behind Your Bed Makes You Short-Tempered
A window behind the bed makes the sleeping person very vulnerable to yin spirit formations. This disturbs the sleep and will make the person very short-tempered and grumpy. Whenever possible, angle your bed so that the bed head is against a wall rather than under a window.