Suzuki thunder 250 gsx modif standart

Suzuki thunder 250 gsx modif standart

Suzuki thunder 250 gsx modif standartSuzuki thunder 250 gsx modif standart 250

The motor with the Suzuki Thunder basis 250 (GSX250) made by 2005 belonging to Bro Aryo 270 this tried to copy the form of Cagiva Planet 125, therefore was given by the title of Suzuki Planet 250the Difference was really seen in the part tubular frame that covered samping the machine that to the planet 125 take the form of deltabox. Totally the cost around 14 million IRD, results were indeed seen clear. Really results modif the mixture that needed time an execution month was because of the process whole of the modification determined in several different places.

low rider chopper from yamaha mio modif

low rider chopper from yamaha mio modif

low rider chopper from yamaha mio modifChopper Lowrider from Yamaha Mio Modif
Long retreat, retreat, said Junaidi, to 32 cm. This does not include the end of the outer tire. However, there are unique on the retreat, withdraw it. When the construction is typically shaped letters “H”, here he made a model “J”.
“To be strong due to rim and engine load, the material is taken from galvanized,” he explained. This effort shall thumbs up. Imagine, with the rear wheel of a super-wide, the device remains in the middle. If viewed from the tire and rim application, then surely this Mio into Bobber style.
To adjust the back of the already overly stretch, re-house CVT reformed. Way, that part was cut and added to plates 8 cm to match the back, though not quite fit the position because it was too out of place.
Front wheel chopper-like models in the Harley-proved difficult to maneuver. Turning radius is very small like a chopper-style motorcycle HD. Changes made by sliding out and replace steering triangular shaped enggak again straight, but it resembles a “V”.

Modif StreetFighter Yamaha Scorpio R6

Modif StreetFighter Yamaha Scorpio R6

Modif StreetFighter Yamaha Scorpio R6Yamaha Scorpio R6 Modif to StreetFighter
Wishing to appear different to most modifications berbagaya StreetFighter merely have slightly rounded design on the corners, lansiran 2008 Yamaha Scorpio finally made with the design and the corners more taper to impress more assertive and sportier. Work on a slick with a customized selection of draft modifications to the owner desires and ideas of the modifier, making it look more fierce Yamaha Scorpio and sporty.Is Faisal, the owner of the Scorpio with modifications taking R6 StreetFighter base. Youth Cibubur, East Jakarta residents are now being educated in the pilot schools Halim, asserted that his desire to memodif StreetFighter style that not always have disan rounded at the corners.

StreetFighter Yamaha ScorpioYamaha Scorpio R6 Modif StreetFighter models
"His intentions were indeed wanted MODIF StreetFighter style, but not with a design that is always rounded at the corners, I like that look more pointed," explained the young candidate for this pilot. The builder who is also skipper Tauco Custom, Topo Goedel Atmodjo in Jl.Kebagusan Jagakarsa Raya no.99, Jakarta Selatan, adopted a similar design of aircraft cockpit because look at the background of the owner of the motor. This is done to give a different impression Topo sesui what is expected of the owner of the motor."What a coincidence that a bike is a pilot school in her childhood hobby Halim and whose names are very similar jet, so we took the concept slightly grazed design modifications to aircraft cockpit," said skipper Tauco this Custom.
"We can see from the design of the stern, which was made more pointed and made fashionable the scope of water like a jet plane, the part is designed to further emphasize the characters that have this bike as a pilot," added Topo.To help impress on the ferocious front view, head lamp owned Honda CS1 be an option with a blanket lampholder Tauco Custom design results. Sector in the legs, Topo combines 17-inch diameter wheel Power Deli Tire 110/70-17 tires for front and 140/70-17 for rear. While for the rear brake, disc brake dicangkokan Scorpio is owned Suzuki Satria FU 150.To adjust the display to make it look more muscular, skipper Tauco Custom swing arm to apply from Kwangen Custom Product.

Yamaha Scorpio R6 Modif StreetFighter
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modif yamaha mio soul for father

modif yamaha mio soul
modif yamaha mio soulMany ways to give love to the parents. One of them as do citizens Pejaten Damardono Haryo East, South Jakarta. 30-year-old man who worked as a journalist Compass provides a motor matic gift that has been modified in such a way as to a beloved father who is now 60 years old. To obtain the results of the modifications as they wish, Mio Soul the fabrication of 2005 was submitted to the workshop Tauco Custom modifications in the region Kebagusan, South Jakarta. After working about two months, Mio Soul is seen with the addition of wider rear wheel becomes three-wheeled motorcycle.
modif yamaha mio soul for fatherModif Mio Soul Belong To Daddy
Not without reason. Because of his love for his father, felt the need to remodel Mio Haryo this because of his father's right leg had to use a prosthesis. However, the activities of his father did not necessarily follow a weakness because lack. Precisely the spirit of the father was not diminished one bit. That's the main reason why Haryo feel the need to remodel his Mio especially at the rear. "Because my father has a deficiency in his right leg, he usually uses to facilitate the automatic car operation although sometimes see little problem in his leg. For day-to-day mobility with the distance close, sometimes it bother him if it should continue to use the car, so I think this bike is perfect for daily mobility, "said Haryo. After finding the said agreement between Topo Goedel Atmodjo, master Tauco Custom and Haryo to change Mionya, Topo began to remodel his action lancarkan rear Mio Soul.To get maximum results in the movement of the rear wheels, Topo replace the rear axle with gear RX-King, who transferred with 20 cm Dumper retreat backwards, through the utilities that support the rear axle left and right wheels.To get a light movement and minimize disturbance during turns, the player is positioned at the wheel of the wheel left. Not quite up there, all replaced using a tire rim size 12 inch to good acceleration can be generated with the maximum. Then what about the stability of the motor?In order to retain and obtain maximum stability of this composition, the addition of the rear shock was doing. Not just a remodel to obtain the desired form, the formulation of comfort for the rider diterpakan triangle on this bike with the position of the seat and handlebar bike itself. To get a formula that, Topo mencangkokan handlebars on Kawasaki Ninja Mio Soul. Talk problems pacemaker kitchen, Topo Mio engine capacity was changed to 150 cc to get the maximum power due to the increased weight of the motor. While the application of CDI BRT and carburetor NSR Sp to support the performance of this machine. while for the brakes, Topo modif that owned Suzuki Satria FU 150.
Funds spent to remodel Yamaha Mio Soul is about idr 15 million rupiah

Honda CBR1000RR - 2011
 reported that, The 2011 CBR1000RR will carry over Honda’s proprietary electronic enhancements, like optional combined ABS and standard electronic steering damper. The ’11 model will be available in red/black and all-black colorways, with a Repsol Edition livery available. Price is not yet available, with last year’s version retailing for $13,399. The 2011 models will be available starting in December. Well as a loyal CBR buyer since 1994, it's no surprise that the only updates for the 2011 CBRs would be the colors! The CBRs are still holding their own on the track/street so I'm quite sure that Honda is focused on the 2012 all-new from ground-up CBR designs. I have 2 '05 CBR1000rr-Repsols (1 stock, 1 modified) and a white '09 CBR1000rr. I hope Honda doesn't ruin the foundation of the '08-'11 models. Honda may be testing parts for the 2012 Blade on J.Rea's WSB machine for the season. The upgrades to Dani's MotoGP bike may be incorporated in the the next generation of CBRs. The current Blade just needs more Top-end horsepower/speed to become the new King of the Open Class

Honda ATV TRX250X - 2011

Riding an ATV can be fun. If you’re on the right ATV. And one ride on a Honda ATV TRX250X will tell you this ATV is your ticket to a great day’s riding.

It all starts with an engine that’s perfect for recreational ATV use: Honda’s exclusive longitudinally mounted four-stroke single. It’s built to provide plenty of torque and excellent response. In addition, Honda’s exclusive, innovative SportClutch™ minimizes the potential of stalling, yet still lets you shift for yourself. The TRX250X’s clean, reliable shaft drive is designed for years of low-maintenance, high-octane fun. And this year the TRX250X gets some cool new graphics, so it just plain looks fun, too. Best of all, since it’s a Honda, you know it’s built to last, and that you’ll be spending more time enjoying the trails than worrying about repairs.

This full size sport ATV is also full of great features including Honda's innovative SportClutch™ that enables the rider to experience manual clutch actuation with the advantage of no stalling. It's no wonder that the sporty and fun-to-ride TRX250EX continues to stand out as a favorite among beginners as well as longtime riders, year after year.

Important Safety Information
Recommended for riders 16 years of age and older. Honda recommends that all ATV riders take a training course and read their owner's manual thoroughly.

New Black color joins Red.

Unique Engine Layout.
When your engine is longitudinally mounted (front to back), the driveshaft goes in a straight line back to the rear wheels. That means no twists or detours, and a more efficient power delivery.

Rugged, reliable 229cc OHV engine - Lightweight OHV air-cooled 229cc engine is longitudinally mounted, allowing direct driveshaft alignment to rear wheels for more efficient power transfer. Two-valve cylinder-head design features performance-optimized valve timing, a 31.5mm-diameter intake valve and a 27mm-diameter exhaust valve to produce a broad, usable powerband.

xclusive Honda SportClutch™ - Handlebar-mounted Honda SportClutch enables the rider to experience manual clutch actuation with the advantage of no stalling when coming to a stop. Revolutionary feature allows beginning or novice riders to learn clutch engagement points, while experienced riders enjoy the full performance of a conventional manual clutch.

Shaft Final Drive - Honda's fully sealed front and rear driveshafts are super-strong and virtually maintenance free.The driveshafts sit inline with the engine's crankshaft, just like your full-sized pickup truck's.

Electric Starter - Effortless electric starter makes getting the engine started easy. Even when the engine is cold or at high altitude, all you need to do is push a button.

Reverse - asy-to-use reverse makes unloading the TRX250X a lot less hassle. Reverse can also help get you out of tight spots that you may encounter when you're out riding.

No Stalling, No Worries.
The Honda SportClutch™ is the best of both worlds. It gives experienced riders the control of a manual clutch, while others won’t have any anxiety about stalling.

Gimmie an “R.”
Since the TRX250X has a handy Reverse gear, unloading or getting out of a tight spot is a snap.

American MSRP $4,399 USD
Canadian MSRP: See Dealer for Details
Model: TRX250X
Engine Type: 229cc air-cooled OHV longitudinally mounted single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore and Stroke: 68.5mm x 62.2mm
Induction: 22mm piston-valve carburetor
Ignition: CD with electronic advance
Starter: Electric
Clutch: Honda SportClutch
Transmission: Five-speed with Reverse

Front: Independent double-wishbone; 5.9 inches travel
Rear: Swingarm with single shock; 5.7 inches travel

Front: Dual hydraulic 174mm discs
Rear: Sealed mechanical drum

Front: 22 x 7-10 knobby
Rear: 22 x 10-9 knobby

Length: 68.5 inches
Width: 41.8 inches
Height: 42.4 inches
Seat Height: 31.4 inches
Ground Clearance: 5.9 inches
Wheelbase: 44.3 inches
Turning Radius: 9.2 feet
Fuel Capacity: 2.5 gallons, including 0.7-gallon reserve
Colors: Red, Black
Curb Weight*: 379 pounds

Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel--ready to ride.
Meets current CARB off-road emissions standards.
Recommended for riders 16 years of age and older.

Press Release
American Honda Announces 2011 Off-Road Models and ATVs

Yamaha FZ8 - 2011

The fuel-injected, 779cc, alloy perimeter-framed four-cylinder has been on sale in Europe since last year, and it’s being touted as a compromise between the less-powerful 600cc middleweights and the bigger literbikes like Yamaha’s R1-based FZ1 and Kawasaki’s Z1000.

The FZ8 actually has much in common with the FZ1. Its engine – six-point mounted as a stressed, chassis-reinforcing member – shares the same 53.6mm stroke, but its bore size is 9mm smaller, at 68mm, instead of 77mm as found on the FZ1.

The FZ8’s 464-lb curb weight comes in at mere 23 lbs under its 487-lb liter-sized big brother. Part of the weight savings is nothing more than a slight loss of fuel capacity, as its 4.5 gallon fuel capacity is about one quart less than the FZ1’s.

The FZ8’s twin front disc brake specs are nearly identical, at 310mm front compared to the 320mm discs for the FZ1. A single 267mm disc in back contrasts with a 245mm rear disc on the FZ1. Both are pinched by similar four-piston front, and single-piston rear calipers.

Both ride on a similar 43mm inverted fork and a link-type Monocross rear shock, sharing a 57.5-inch wheelbase. The FZ8’s suspension is adjustable only for rear preload.

The FZ8 is not merely a gelded and cheaper FZ1. It utilizes a new crankshaft and new four-valve-per cylinder head instead of the five-valve-per-cylinder head of the FZ1 – which is itself an adaptation from the first-generation R1.

The new head breathes through 26mm intake valves and 22mm exhaust valves, a 12:1 compression ratio instead of the FZ1’s 11.5:1, and cam profiles tuned toward a fatter midrange. Yamaha boasts also that the intake funnels for cylinders two and three are 25mm longer than those of the two outside cylinders to help achieve a broad torque curve. In all, the package promises to be at least quasi-unique, and certainly street worthy.

Unfortunately, ABS will not be available in the U.S., as it is on this model in Europe, nor will its twin model – the Fazer 8 – which is being imported to Canada.

The FZ8’s moderately upright riding position and minimalistic bikini fairing ought to coordinate well with a sportbike-inspired 51% front and 49% rear weight bias. Its wheel sizes mimics what’s normally found on a 600cc supersport, with a 120/70-ZR17 radial up front and 180/55-ZR17 rear.

With a purported 105 hp and 61 ft-lb, the FZ8 is poised to fill the shoes of what used to be industry standard in the 750cc class.

With the power, running gear and chassis of a true sportbike combined with a comfortable riding position, the FZ8 ought to make a very sensible but powerful bike for riders who realize a 140-155 hp ballistic literbike may not always be necessary.

Further, the FZ8 at this juncture may have little apples-to-apples competition.
On the smaller side of things, there is the aforementioned ER-6n, Yamaha’s faired FZ-6R and Suzuki’s GSF650, but these are only marginally in the same category. Also, in a way, the Triumph Street Triple could be considered similar.

The FZ8 ought to have significantly more grunt than these lighter bikes, without being insanely fast to the point of testing fate.

As for bikes to compare it to on the larger side are machines like the Triumph’s Speed Triple, Kawasaki’s Z1000 and Ducati’s Twin-cylinder Monster 796. But all of these are quite a bit more pricey.

So, the FZ8 is actually in a fairly unique position in the marketplace, and is a new option for American riders.
At a list price of $8,490, the 2011 FZ8 undercuts the FZ1 by a fair margin. The 2010 FZ1 carried an MSRP of $10,290, and we expect that to increase for 2011. In simplistic terms, the FZ8 provides an unfaired and 200cc smaller FZ1 at a savings of around $2,000 or so.
Expect FZ8s to show up in dealerships as soon as December.

New Kawasaki Z750R

New Kawasaki Z750R is 2010-2011. Kawasaki Z750R as sportier look than its predecessor. Other "R" on the back line with changes in brakes and exhaust. The machine itself is not affected. Another part is a key to increase the comfort, is part of the chassis, front forks are fully adjustable shocks and a new rear swingarm, aluminum, radial front brakes with braided stainless steel hose (braided). In addition, ABS is also optional.

To give the impression of a fresh appearance, also carried a touch of design on the front bumper, indicators, and the back foot. Controlled position also established for the pilot gets more comfortable when activated. Unfortunately, Kawasaki did not mean the price. Just add that there are specific colors with a limited number. "Z750R is an impressive package. Customized braking control and stability. Moreover, also introduced its exclusive status.

Motorcycle Concepts -18 Futuristic

18.Machine Fly, the Flying Motorcycle

Here is a brilliant concept for bikers who have been waiting for some massive change in today’s motorcycle technology. This is called Machine Fly, designed by Gonzalo Guerrero; as name suggests, it’s a motorcycle that can fly! It has no wheels, floats above ground, and looks totally kick-ass!

17.Agorapode Concept Super Bike

This is Diode, a design by Jon McCoy; and the winner of the Agorapode Contest which was held in April 2010. It looks like a brilliant rendition, and I so wish that this was real.

16.MoonRider Flying Bike

When you think about the future, you always think of something like Futurama where all vehicles fly, and space travel is just a piece of cake. Well, if that ever happens remember that we have already told you about the MoonRider Flying Bike which is now a concept but will then become reality.

15.Poshwatta Motorcycle Concept

This is a concept designed by Nils Poschwatta. According to Poschwatta the motorcycle is powered by the Wankel engine, and features adjustable parts for dynamic as well as static use.

14.ICare Motorcycle Concept

This brilliant futuristic motorcycle concept is powered by the first Cylinder Flat Honda engine. The design looks totally evil, and it also features the magnetic field balancing technology.

13.Honda Club Motorcycle

This is the Honda Club Motorcycle concept designed by Sam Jilbert. It is a conventional motorcycle concept which is powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell and it also features a futuristic design. However the design suggests that if this ever launches it will be a hit in the Japanese markets.

12.Yamaha Tesseract Four Wheel Motorcycle

Look at this really beautiful and rich motorcycle concept. It is powered by a V-Twin engine and an electric motor. It is of the same width as its two-wheeled counterpart; but it looks way awesome than the original production bike.

11.Fallout Motorcycle Concept

Designed by William Woods this is the Fallout Motorcycle Concept, and I am not quite sure where it fits in. They frame is connected by a single side swing arm which gives it these killer looks.

10.Jaguar Motorcycle Concept

Masscow Concept Cycles (MCC) has designed this brilliant Jaguar concept bike inspired by the logo of Jaguar cars. This is an example of sheer brilliant design work. It is powered by air-cooled Buell S3′s 1200cc V-twin engine and the frame is made using steel tubing, glass-fiber fairing, removable magnetic mandibles, and a headlight which looks like a jaguar’s head.

9.Red Bull Motorcycle Concept

Designer Barrend Massow Hemmes is the brains behind this amazing Red Bull Motorcycle Concept. It has a rich red finish, created by using fiberglass finish with high gloss polyurethane lacquer. It is a brilliantly constructed bike design inspired by Red Bull’s logo.

8.Tron Legacy Light Cycle Concept

The upcoming Tron Legacy movie has already created a lot of excitement, and it is very obvious that geeks around the world will be very soon building their own Tron Legacy Light Cycle. Anyways, here is a brilliant concept of the Light Cycles which will feature in the movie.

7.Ferrari Motorcycle Concept

This motorcycle concept is inspired by the world-famous Ferrari brand of cars. If Ferrari ever plans to manufacture two-wheelers this is probably how they will look like.

6.Leo Motorcycle Concept

Now this is totally futuristic, it is known as the Sampdesign Leo, and the concept is made for long distance motorcycle rides. It features great ergonomics and will be equipped with a 10KW electric motor and an acceleration progressive system which will help maximize performance and autonomy.

5.Pendolauto Bike Concept

Designed by Swiss Designer Franco Sbarro, this brilliant concept seems to be inspired by the 1988 Anime blockbuster Akira. The bike sports two extra wheels and was first displayed at the Geneva Auto Show back in 2008.

4.Puma Motorcycle Concept

Man, this concept bike, Puma clothing, and some awesome Puma racing shoes are totally going to make you look super cool. Anyways, you may still have to wait as the concept is far from going into production.

3.Axial Three Wheels Motorcycle Concept

Well, there have been a few three-wheeled motorcycle concepts out there, but this looks the most interesting. The concept is designed by Julien Rondino, and is called the Axial 3 Wheels (A3W) based on the KTM LC8.

2.Embrio One-Wheeled Motorcycle Concept

If clowns in the future ever decide to ride bikes this would be their ultimate choice. This is the Embrio One-Wheeled Motorcycle Concept designed by Bombardier, which consists of an electric motor and surprisingly can also carry a passenger along with the rider.

1.Hornet Superbike Concept

Here is another futuristic one-wheeled motorcycle concept. It is called the Hornet Superbike and has ability to zoom around at the speed of your kmph. It is designed by Liam Ferguson with dual citizenship hp (55 kw) in-wheel hydrogen fuel-cell six-phase Neodymium-Iron (Nd-Fe) electric motors which allow the bike to attain such high speeds.