Modification Honda Scoopy 2011 Very Sweety

Modification Honda Scoopy 2011 Very Sweety
Apparently, Honda Scoopy retro-looking, fun to be seen, modified with a limited installation of component variations or bolt-on. As performed by pemodifiktor Johanes Hanafi, Johnny Lipurnomo, from Jakarta and Rian Cahyadi from Denpasar.

Modification Honda Scoopy 2011 Very Sweety
Transformation standard fashion by Johnny from Custom World looks harmonious and eye catching. He was referring to the flow of "Thai look" (TL), which he says will be a trend in 2011 because it has many advantages.

Characteristic of the TL, the circumference of a wider rim with tire lean. Here Johnny rhizome clad rim tire wear Anniversary F-1. For the body-because it was interesting - just play the full sticker installation, says Johnny just use soapy water (not too much sabuinnya. Rp450 thousand sticker installation package.

Add Another classic filmed John who chose classical flow down (low rider), who received orders from Surabaya, East Java. So, the opposite of Johnny, he would wear a small 12-inch rim width, front and rear 4 inches 6 inches. Substitution of this, there are auto parts that must be changed, such as the front triangle is made of solid iron re-use 20 mm thick.

Medium rear wheels, steering wheel should resign simply because of wear rim 15 mm wide 6 inches. To be harmonious, exhaust display longer constrained, emulating the model of Harley-Davidson. Finish the legs, then pairs of sweeteners like shelf variations often found in Vespa, as well as the back.

Just like John Bogel, Rian from home modifications Aboben, Denpasar, Bali is also playing in the rim. Standard size 14 inches by 12 inches exchanged. In addition to so low, well rounded because of small tire wear in personafikasi with people like Bogel.

In order for the body looks solid, painted the same deck rim. Including wide areas such as back and stirrup dikelir sepatbor white. Keep some variation of red berkelir installed so disconnected as the body, such as brake handle and also the main light that dicustom Mereh using the projector lamp and adapted to the body (red). Only, the process is necessary accuracy so neat.