Modification Yamaha Byson 2011

Modification Yamaha Byson 2011
Yamaha Byson shape with big tires and handlebars Fatbar actually been macho. But by the owner such as Andy Darim Made West Kalimantan, Rudi Tanumihardjo from Jakarta, and Abdul Rahim from Depok, Yamaha sport bike the look it needs to made more muscular.Modification Yamaha Byson 2011

The concept of bolt-on Made who lived in Sanggau, West Kalimantan willing Bysonnya streetfighter style. Thanks modification affairs entrusted to the Motor (BM) in Tangerang, Banten. "The concept is applied to bolt-on, so there's no need to cut," said Rudy Gunawan, BM owner.

Only, continued Rudy, because the 'clothes' Byson too lean, then added using fiberglass to be sticking out to look a little nudge. And its installation does not need to cut another cover and cradle cap bolt still use the cover side. To fill the void under contrived deltabox disposable fiberglass tank, including the cover under the engine cover with a design taken from Deinese.

To be more sturdy, have replaced the standard rim moge Suzuki GSX400. Only 18-inch rear sizes larger than the front rim 17 inci.Choise GSX because Madeleine wanted to wear a double disc in front.

Unlike Minimalist Rudi Tanumihardjo. He felt the bottom Byson need sweetened again because no equilibrium between a large tank, but below it empty. In addition to engine cover, side cover too contrived so as to make around the engine to be more full.