Modification Suzuki Thunder 250 Cafe Racer - Modified Motorcycle longer leads to a flow Cafe Racer. Looks like old racing bike which dilakoni the Caucasians. At that time, character, fairing and rear suspension double rounded or elongated gas tank.That was then. Now, of course with the times. So, between classical and modern are combined as shown in Suzuki Thunder 250 have Donny Ariyanto from Jakarta and got Panjul Honda CB 125 RR from Denpasar, Bali. Physically about the same, only there are certain parts that distinguish it.

New Modern School's Donny Suzuki Thunder is a combination of modern and classical that the idea came from dull Bramantyo, the modifiers from studio Motor on Jl. Ciputat Raya No. 42, South Jakarta. At first, he said, Donny would like a cafe racer.

For the process starting from the rear frame Papas as much as 25 cm. Customized chassis is of course to catch the tail of wasp. "Use the same pipe diameter with the original order.'s Just the tip shape like the letter" U "," explained Donny (31).

The modern era of appears on the swing arm. Congenital standards that are too large and sturdy so it does not draw. So, he repeated similar design had a Ducati with material from the pipe. Strong impression with the use of quinine sport monosok and under undertail exhaust.

Ol Skool While Cafe racer got Panjul R.R. This is closer to a bygone era. Like the single seater, rear sokbreker dual model, and display models of racing handle bar is equipped with a mini winshield and supported component of racing featured old.

Not that the 1976 Honda CB 125 production there is no bolt-on new school. Note on the handlebars, the position of the telescopic tube has gone up from the triangle and the handlebar clamp tengaj filled with the latest gesain. Not to mention the gas installation is a spontaneous and handle commonly used in daily motor.

To frame is not much in the chop. He just gives a touch of minimalism with the adoption of a custom tank and single seat as a feature of the Cafe Racer.