Porsche Tribute Bike

Berlin - Germany's legendary car brand, Porsche to bring a project assisted by Custom Wolf to produce a motor that is named Porsche Tribute Bike.


Porsche Tribute Bike is a motorcycle modification that reflects the sporty and exclusive of Porsche through the project that deliberately thanks to the vision of two fans that are closely associated with the brand porsche.

The company is a company CustomWolf modifiers are often involved in the car business Street Fighter, which sketches the designs have countless.

Frame motor has been refined, the Downtube is changed, the gap between the frame and rear wheel reduced by using metal sheets, all sizes have been adjusted and made a separate fuel tank for this machine.

Porsche Power comes from the engine Tribute Bike 113 Cui from S & S with gold plate screws, carburetor also from S & S, while its distinctive sound comes from the exhaust Harley Davidson LA Chopper's the revised and original transmission of HD which is connected by BDL in motor drives.

Another part is modified, including cool wheels and a large fork (which can be changed in accordance to carry a decent brakes) measuring 4 × 18 on the front wheels and 10 × 18 on the rear wheel with gold-plated black screw and brake caliper adapted from Kawasaki ZX10R.

Cat on the motor is applied by Marcus Pfeil, who took inspiration from family photo albums provided by Marc Porsche himself, among others, applying the Porsche logo and signature on this bike