Cosworth Subaru WRX STI on CS400

Cosworth Subaru WRX STI on CS400Cosworth Subaru WRX STI on CS400 Collaboration

Fortunately for the first 75 people who live in the UK and beyond. They could buy a Subaru WRX STI CS400 though the price is slightly more expensive (USD 678 million) from a normal tag of USD 600 million. More expensive because the car had been modified by Cosworth and only sold 75 units.
To Insideline, Tuesday (25/05/2010), American Subaru Cosworth affirms that the work was not sold in America. Detail cars in the UK claim home modifications that have been displayed at the Geneva Auto Show 2010, March.
Autocar reports that quoted from Insideline, which is identical Cosworth Ford engine handles on the kitchen had a touch of runway WRX STI.
Offal on the standard engine with a capacity of 2.5 L turbocharged Subaru replaced with offal that could mendongrak energy. The section was started from the piston, piston handlebars, bearings, cylinder head gaskets, and pump oil. Not only that, the blower is also enhanced, including the custom in the exhaust system.
Result, the power to reach 395 HP engine with 398 pound-feet of torque. Acceleration 0-96 km / h is claimed to be achieved in 3.7 seconds. The maximum speed is limited electronically to 235 km / hr.
With the increasing power and performance, Cosworth also fix the degree of stability and handling. For suspensions, this section of the house fitted with Eibach Bilstein. Koilnya newly designed with a height reduction of 0.4 inches. Speed stop system was placed in the AP Racing products with larger discs (front) 6 piston calipers.
Cosworth concern was not just a machine. Exterior faces made even participate. It is like looking at the front bumper, fog lights, grille, and rear spoiler. The four 18-inch alloy wheels are given of alloy.
In the interior, both front seats replaced with products RECARO sports model. For information, Subaru Impreza WRX STI Cosworth CS400 was introduced to the market next month.
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