Opel Corsa Specification Review 2011

The current generation of new car 2011 Opel Corsa takes at dealers since late 2006. For General Motors is therefore a good time to apply a deep car restyling and forcefully address the second half of their shelf life before it gets a new substitute for the German utility. All new 2011 Opel Corsa car specs commercial launch will occur in January 2011. The first major 2011 Opel Corsa modern city car change on the outside that jumps out is the new front with a sharper and larger grille. The 2011 Opel Corsa model shape of the fog lights have changed and have been integrated into some new holes that will undoubtedly come the design of the Opel Corsa to the new Opel Astra, Opel Meriva and the new Antara.

The 2011 Opel Corsa interior design upholstery has been updated with new colors and textures. Enjoy the level will be available in two colors Steel Blue and Orange Tobasco. Regarding the level Cosmo has designed a new center console glossy black and the new navigation system with touch screen 5 Opel. The 2011 Opel Corsa also released some of the latest safety and comfort systems developed by Opel. Such as the AFL adaptive lighting system, heated steering wheel, hill starts assistant or FlexFlix system for transporting bicycles.