Awesome Angel Wings Tattoo Design

tattoo design
tattoo design
tattoo designIn the world of symbols, the wings are not only flying, but are the figures that best represent freedom.
This meaning is an archetype, a model that is "innate"and ideal that we carry within us always. The wings are supplied to all winged creatures, is a divine attribute and are a perfect gift and spiritual human beings.

In effect even larger wings represent the spirituality, thought and imagination. In fact, it is said that the imagination "has wings, " the thought that "flies" and that the spirit "hovers in the air" to eternity.
According to Plato, the wings are the symbol of intelligence, according to the Rig Veda, "intelligence is the fastest bird. "
Wings also have the talent, fame, glory, the word, the force or life force (so that "clip the wings " to someone in a figurative sense means to weaken and remove the forces).

The wings always depict the elevation to the sublime, a momentum that transcends and surpasses the human condition in general, any condition of fixity and stagnation.
The wings are in motion, energy, travel, dream, joy, liberation, elevation and processing capacity in a broad sense from larva to beautiful butterfly