Honda CBR1000RR - 2011
 reported that, The 2011 CBR1000RR will carry over Honda’s proprietary electronic enhancements, like optional combined ABS and standard electronic steering damper. The ’11 model will be available in red/black and all-black colorways, with a Repsol Edition livery available. Price is not yet available, with last year’s version retailing for $13,399. The 2011 models will be available starting in December. Well as a loyal CBR buyer since 1994, it's no surprise that the only updates for the 2011 CBRs would be the colors! The CBRs are still holding their own on the track/street so I'm quite sure that Honda is focused on the 2012 all-new from ground-up CBR designs. I have 2 '05 CBR1000rr-Repsols (1 stock, 1 modified) and a white '09 CBR1000rr. I hope Honda doesn't ruin the foundation of the '08-'11 models. Honda may be testing parts for the 2012 Blade on J.Rea's WSB machine for the season. The upgrades to Dani's MotoGP bike may be incorporated in the the next generation of CBRs. The current Blade just needs more Top-end horsepower/speed to become the new King of the Open Class