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Spyker is bringing the production ready C8 Aileron to the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, but they will also be presenting the new Aileron GT - a new race car that will replace the current C8 Laviolette GT2R racer in the 2012 motorsport season. The new model will be developed by Spyker Squadron’s expanded engineering team at its Zeewolde headquarters in conjunction with its long-standing technical partners. According to Spyker, various racing teams are already interested in purchasing the racer.

Spyker Squadron Managing Director, Peter Van Erp, said: "We are taking a racing sabbatical this year to concentrate our resources on developing a new GT racer based on Spyker’s new C8 Aileron supercar, instead of continuing to spend money on a car at the end of its development cycle. For the long term future of Spyker Squadron, and for its role in the promotion and technical development of Spyker road cars, it’s a positive and strategically important step.

"Ultimately, our fans can look forward to a very exciting long term future following Spyker in top-flight endurance racing, with both the Spyker Squadron and customer racing teams fielding C8 Aileron GT cars. And as a result, Spyker will become an even more prominent and successful name in endurance motorsport around the world in 2012 and beyond."