Zero Motorcycles launched 4 New models S Zero

Electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles launched 4 New models S Zero, Zero DS, Zero X and Zero MX facelift with some increase in spec. Included accessories additional components (optional) in the form of quick charger (quick charger), which could cut a couple of times faster than conventional chargers - the previous 4 hours, now to 2.3 hours.

Zero Motorcycles launched 4 New models S Zero
All four models have their respective characters, such as "S" (street) for highway, DS (dual sport) can in asphalt and soil (dirt), and X and conquerors MX off-road terrain (trail). Then, power the electric motor Z-Force on the four models has also improved 12.5 percent, braking and suspension system was repaired again.

Special model MX Zero X and Zero are allowed to be used on public roads (on the road) because it has been equipped with safety standards (headlights, lamps sein, rearview mirror, sensors and standard gear road on-road). Medium S and DS are now using chain drive system of the v-belt. All models also have a new body panels.

"In recent years, design engineering and manufacturing team we have more experience and work hard to produce the best electric bike in the world. We are delighted with major changes on all models and sets a new standard in the world motorcycle industry," said Gene Banman, Zero Motorcycles CEO was quoted as (8 / 2).

Zero equip all models with Z-Force electric motors, air-cooled with 4.4 kWh-powered DC current that can be lauched through the speed of 108 km / h and is able to crawl up to 70-93 miles depending on the condition of the rider. Age reach 112,000 miles before the battery must be replaced with new ones.

All Zero model can already be ordered in the United States and shipments began in March 2011. Units are offered ranging from 7995 dollars (Rp71, 2 million) to 10,495 U.S. dollars (93, 5 million) with 2 year warranty package.

As information, in addition to Zero Motorcycles in the United States also have another electric motorcycle manufacturer that is Brammo Enertia from California