The new type of Ducati Motorcycles 620 type

The new generation of Ducati Monster. Ducati SS dabbled with entry-level machines - old style 600SS (stopped in 1998) offered a cheap access to Sportbike Ducati ownership. But it was hampered by a lack of power and indifferent chassis. The 583cc engine survived in the Monster 600, until it received a kick in the pants in 2001, replaced by a stroked 618cc, fuel injected engine. And that is what is tucked away in the 620 Sport.

New engine and body ,shorter height and weight makes the 620 feel more manageable paddle around a parking lot, but the dated links on the move and unspoiled forks undermine the experience. The 620 is perhaps more suited to relaxed driving. Peak power of 61bhp is a bit weak compared to the 70bhp of the Suzuki SV650, but closer than the old bike. There is also a nice power delivery - the 620 Sport speed is higher than its bigger brothers and sisters, and makes a lovely sound, as she does

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