The most unique V4 moto modification by Glinik

The most unique moto modification by Ferrari

Since the 1970s sports car manufacturer, Italy, Ferrari has developed a number of motorcycle racing. Now, after waiting for 38 years, Scuderia successfully gave birth to great bike Ferrari V4 concept. Amir is Glinik who gave birth to this super bike with a theory to apply the Ferrari Enzo's V12 engine to create a digital sketch of the concept of the Ferrari-engined motorcycle V4. Moge-style bow, the designer said Israel has a long line of inspired design flows from a roadster type vehicle.

Big motorcycle Glinik says Ferrari V4 concept was designed using the theory of aerodynamic control fighter jet F-16 and Formula 1 technology Jingkrak Horse team. Therefore, assuming Glinik Ferrari V4 will easily be controlled in spite of being shot quickly.Perhaps the concept of imagination moge Glinik Ferrari is still far from Ferrari's plan. However, efforts could have done an inspiration for the modifikator moge around the world. The reason digital sketches made Glinik not too hard to be mated to the frame and Ducati motorcycle engine