Spec Images and Price New Honda Revo AT Techno 110 cc 2011

Spec Images and Price New Honda Revo AT Techno 110 cc 2011
Honda Revo AT Techno 110 cc engine with PGM-FI technology CV-matic transmission. This technology allows the motor is controlled as easily as automatic scooter (scooter) but has the ability like a duck motor.

Specifications Engine Honda Revo AT Techno.

AT Revo Honda engine adopts a double cooling system for cooling air and cooling the engine room CVT with engine motor oil the same as a duck.

This system is believed to be effective to heat the engine so the engine temperature remains stable, especially when the jam, and travel.

Position the holes for cooling air upwards, thereby reducing the risk of entry of water into the engine if the crashing flood.

Honda motorcycle new uses 4 stroke 110 cc engine technology with EFT (Efficient & Low Friction Technology) which serves to minimize friction between engine components. In addition, the Honda engine is also equipped with Revo AT Fuel system technology Injectionbaru third generation with the addition of O2 sensor and catalytic converter.

The system according to Honda will make the machine work more optimal and durable, more efficient fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions that meet Euro 2 standards.

There are three color choices Techno Honda Revo AT AHM who try to offer as the producer of Honda motorcycles in Indonesia to duck this matik, namely black techno, techno violet, red and techno, with only one choice of racing rim

Price : Rp 15,8 million.