Spec and Images New Yamaha Jupiter MX 2011

Spec and Images New Yamaha Jupiter MX 2011
This is revealed in biggest motor show in Indonesia Jakarta Motorcycle Show (JMCS) 2010 which officially opens today. In that event, the latest MX Jupiter on display with trim.

With Jupiter MX for this double disc, broken also leaked previously given Advisor of PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) Bambang Asmarabudi. When he said that the latest MX Jupiter will only change the striping only, there will be no additional features such as disc brakes in the rear wheel.

"The machine remains the same, there will be no double discs as well," he said at the time.

Done talking about rear discs, let's look at the shape this bike that looks more fresh with the adoption of the new body. Because many of the changes made by Yamaha in the motorcycle carrying a 135 cc engine, besides the application of double disc brakes.

New Jupiter MX Body more slender look. This may be intended to improve the aerodynamics motor. Other changes also occur in the head lamp is now a little bit wide. While the lights are now more narrow twilight which included changes to the front.

As for now more noticeable fairingnya somewhat enlarged slightly and looks ventilation. Turning to the stern, the brake lights of New Jupiter MX also look more slender, very different from the old form.

Likewise with form breket rear. Another improvement made was the addition of Yamaha's disc brake on the rear brake. By embedding the Yamaha reasonable to freshen its consumer.

Probe into the innards of New Yamaha Jupiter MX, tooth now added to 5 where previously only 4. But the engine remained the same ie 134 cc 4 valve SOHC liquid-cooled.

Power output of 12.52 Ps at 8500 rpm engine speed and torque of 1.24 kgf.m at 6,000 rpm rotation.