New Harley Davidson Backline 2011

New Harley Davidson Backline 2011
NEW YORK - In the year 2011, the Harley-Davidson launch the new model "Harley Blackline" in New York, United States.Harley's latest product is equipped with back-to-basics styling, with the latest model fuel tank, and handlebar split drag.

New Harley Davidson Backline 2011
Blackline fixed with decorative lighting. In addition, the rear fender stand out on the top of the tire, and also looks more slender body.

In the compact headlight, and the speedometer looks small because it flanked by the handlebar so that it looks low. While at the wheel, still using the fingers with a black circle to impress frightening.

On the machine, use Blackline Big Twin wrapped with black and chrome. So when you're speeding down the middle of the night will remain visible. Blackline machine on the internal part counterbalanced Twin Cam 96B engine.

Blackline is a recent innovation that is very modern, can be seen on the Softail chassis using the rear suspension control of the coil-over shock absorbers are mounted horizontally along the frame rails under the powertrain.

"Blackline is a Softail Harley-Davidson's latest model is very slim like a wire, hard as iron, and like a dark street at midnight," the source said Harley-Davidson.

"Harley-Davidson Blackline is a movement of the Dark Custom. Blackline are three basic elements of motorcycles, namely mechanical beauty, internal combustion, and the long black line of the road ahead,"