New Ducati MotoGP Bikes (photo show and video)

New Ducati MotoGP Bikes (photo show and video)

Video Ducati motoGP Bikes

His team-mate Nicky Hayden hopes that the change Rossi's especially a good information exchange between themselves and stated that he was sure would help with Valentino at his side to a successful Ducati MotoGP season 2011.

For Ducati 2011 will be a very crucial year. After the change of Valentino Rossi on the racing team from Bologna, it is difficult for any expectations for the new team put up.

The annual event Wrooom in Madonna di Campiglio Ducati put together before the riders Rossi and Hayden, the new motorcycles for the season 2011. The technical director Filippo Preziosi Ducati Desmosedici GP11 described the as "Step Zero", from which will be developed from it all. Rossi was also modestly and was at once to get used to the new bike to have to look but he, nevertheless, very confident about the future together.

Furthermore, Ducati announced that they will cooperate within the next two years with Acer. The computer company will in future the equipment for the MotoGP team and provide the hardware for the next two years. "By partnering with Acer, we achieve an important goal," says Preziosi. "Acer is a partner that provides us not only reliable and powerful systems available, but also has much experience in racing."