M2 Vyrus 985 Revolution Vyrus to Moto 2

M2 Vyrus 985 Revolution Vyrus to Moto 2
There is exciting news in the world of motorcycle sport. Vyrus Divisioner motor which is also known as boutique italian motorcycle will take part in prestigious competitions in Moto2. If it managed to become champion, then it certainly brings technological revolution sport bike front suspension.

M2 Vyrus 985 Revolution Vyrus to Moto 2
The reason, Vyrus utilize excess in suspension. By using the machines (including computers) and the tires are uniform, the benefits must be obtained from other parts. In case this is the chassis. Technology-Vyrus who want to use these for use on their modified motorcycle-called "hub-center steering". Precisely, the steering wheel to control the motorcycle is no longer through telescopic fork at the front wheels, but in the middle of a motorcycle. Furthermore, the front wheels apply the horizontal swing arm, similar to that used on the rear wheels.

Look at the appearance of this M2 Vyrus 985. Front-rear similar. The difference, in front there is fairing, while the rear end of the muffler. Shock absorbers, front and rear, no longer prominent. Because, with construction now, the size of the shorter shock absorbers.

Well, later to participate in Moto2, Vyrus will use the Honda CBR600RR machine. Technically, this bike is equal to Moto2 in terms of weight, engine, tires, and electronic components, namely a computer that regulates the work machine.

Excellence Vyrus, while sudden braking, this motor will not cause any symptoms of "dip", like a telescopic version of the model. With this addition, the motor can be encouraged more quickly because more stable. Other factors that support, the weight of a motorcycle, both front and rear, to be balanced. In fact, the weight centered in the middle.

The interesting thing in this Vyrus plan is, if the motor is able to win the event Motor2, then certainly motorcycle racing suspension will experience a revolution. Not only that. The suspension will also be followed by a sport bike the other highway.

Actually, Vyrus is not the first home modifications that introduce such systems. For twenty years, Yamaha has introduced and then followed by BMW. Apparently, many riders do not like. In addition, the team also had to spend extra costs that is large enough to alter the steering system is strange.

Although previously a lot less like the design like that, now that Alan Cathcart test the Vyrus 985 C3 4V engine 1200 cc, 211 PS, this bike certainly has benefits in the corner. For this reason, many motorcycle enthusiasts or fans want to see Vyrus Moto2 fight with engines 600 cc or 986 M2 Race Factory.

The weight of this motor is very lightweight, only 135 kg, and certainly meets the minimum standards of weights Moto2. All were obtained thanks to simple design, ie part of the nose in one unit, namely the fairing (shield) down and the gas tank. Although already expressed interest in join the race, there has been no definite announcement from the house boutique bike.

Three versions
Vyrus will market 986 M2 in three versions. First, for Factory racing, motorcycle coated with titanium, carbon fiber, magnesium, and other exotic materials. However, brakes and suspension specifications together with Moto2. This version is later sold 54,200 euros or Rp 607,256,800.