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‘We are trying to raise road speed awareness at the moment and show people what can happen.’

Devon, who heard about the accident on Facebook, paid tribute to Antonia one of the victims and said: 'She was always smiling and she will never be forgotten. She was a really popular girl, both at school and outside of it as well.

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I had joy riders crash into my property some years ago. They destroyed our front garden wall, damaged a 75 year old tree and damaged both cars in the drive-way. Sorting the insurance was a nightmare. And then you end up with withered flowers attached to nearby trees for months of end which look nasty and tatty and cheapen the look of the street. It's hard to be sympathetic becuase they were doing nothing legitimate - and were punished for their foolishness. It's a tragic loss of life, but there is no excuse for joy riders - but it pushes up all of our insurance premiums, and thankfully on this occasion no bystanders or other motorists had to pay with their lives as well.