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Lewis was never a fighter in the UFC, but his contributions to the sport of mixed martial arts are unmatched. He is the only non-athlete to be inducted into the Octagon’s Hall of Fame.
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There are 19 rides and attractions, all telling the story of the Italian motor racing champions, or themed in some way on the cars. Some are so tame and pedestrian you might think they were inspired by a pair of carpet slippers; others take the need for speed and smash it in your face like a ricotta cheesecake.

Driving With the Champion is a simulator ride with a twist - as Alonso splashed his Ferrari GT through the streets and onto a wet skid pan, the passengers felt a spray of water in their faces.

Speed of Magic is a 3D fantasy in search of a mischievous character who has stolen your car keys, and G-Force is a 62-metre tower of terror rising from the centre of the building and hurling its riders towards the sky before plunging them back to earth.

Strange as it may seem, V-12 is a log-flume type ride through the innards of a Ferrari engine; Fiorano GT Challenge is a duelling roller coaster ride reaching speeds of up to 95 kph.
On Friday, Orange County, California Judge Richard Toohey sentenced Jeffrey Kirby to nine years in prison for killing Charles “Mask” Lewis Jr., one of the founders of the popular MMA clothing brand Tapout in March of 2009.

Six of those years are for the manslaughter of Lewis and three additional years for Great Bodily Injury to Lacey White, Lewis’ girlfriend who was riding shotgun.

Due to the GBI charge, Kirby will have to serve at least 85 percent of his term before he’s eligible for parole. With good behavior and credit for time served, he can expect to leave prison in roughly five years.