Acura NSX – Spied

Our spy photographers have caught a glimpse of what looks to be the next Acura NSX testing near Germany’s Nürburgring.

acunsx 10 spy 11 cd gallery Acura NSX   Spied

The spied car bears a striking resemblance to the Acura Advanced Sports Car concept that we’ve seen at several auto shows. But Honda claimed the ASCC was just a design study, and rumor was that its icy reception necessitated a return to the drawing table. This spied car looks ready for production, though, having missed its original 2008 target.

acunsx 10 spy 12 cd gallery Acura NSX   Spied

Honda has already confirmed that the new NSX will be a front-engine supercar. The first-generation NSX, sold in the U.S. until 2005, had a mid-mounted 3.2-liter V-6.

acunsx 10 spy 13 cd gallery Acura NSX   Spied

Given their visual similarity, we expect the new NSX will use the same powertrain as the ASCC, which would mean a 5.0-liter V-10 engine paired with the automaker’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system. That could put the NSX on par with the likes of the Nissan GT-R.