New BMW Designs 2011

The design of this car had been realised by Julian Bumbu and it represents the future car designs. This car’s rival seems to be Audi R8 because of the similar aspect. It looks to be a very low, aerodynamic and long car so it can reach high speeds. Julian Bumbu applied some skills learned at a Milanese automotive design program to a BMW etude.

I read that this car can be build and opened to the public. The front and rear side is similar to the new 2010 5 Series excepting the sport aspect and the fact that it has two doors. This concept is made 100% by Iulian and it represents the future sport car.

If you look for my opinion, this car is awesome. I think those lines are making this car to have a very futuristic aspect and they make this car to be very aerodynamic but at the moment this car remains fiction.