Motorcycle Maintenance Tips In The Rainy Season

The weather is now very difficult to predict. Sometimes the heat, but it can also rain. When it rains usually motor Bikes will get soaked. And if you have this, would not want to have to wash motor Bikes that have been soaked. Because, when the motor let Bikes in wet conditions, can-can occur rust on some parts of the motor Bikes.

Whatever you have in Bikes prepare and keep in rainy conditions. Here are tips on caring for motorcycle in the rain is suggested by the Technical Service Advisor YMKI West Java, April Priatno.

1. Tire

In wet weather, Bikes must check the condition of motorcycle tires. The first is the wind pressure. Adjust tire pressure and do not let the Bikes motorcycle tires motorcycle is less wind. This is to maintain the stability of the motor when the streets are wet. Second is a track tire. If the path is thin or bald tires, then Bikes should replace it. Because the thin tires would be fatal and motor speed to be slippery.

1. Brake lining

When the rainy season, brake traction will be reduced due to wet. When the brake Bikes is up, immediately replace the brake. Do not let the brake light because it can cause an accident while doing brake impromptu Bikes.

1. Chain

For open-chain, lubricate the chain that has been exposed to rain and dries quickly so as not to wear. Little by little, the rain water will shrink the lubricant on the chain Bikes. Indirectly, the rain water can erode the lubricant in the chain and can cause dry chain.

1. Plug

Make sure the spark plugs properly closed Bikes by the head of the spark plug. Head of the spark plug serves as a deterrent to ingress of water when the rain or when the road flooded.

1. Box filter

When Bikes removing filter box at the carburetor, then to hope that the rainy season before replacing the filter box. If the box filter is not installed, rain water can go straight into the carburetor and can cause the motor stalled.

1. Exhaust

Do not let the neck muffler in wet conditions. If left unchecked, could exhaust neck rusty and porous. Make sure the exhaust neck dry after rain or flooding.

1. The radius of the wheel

Use a clean cloth to mengkeringkan spokes of a wheel is wet. If not, the fingers on the wheel Bikes will be porous. Porous on the rim is not visible on the outside, but it occurs in the rim.

Maintenance is easy to maintain the condition of the motor Bikes still excellent. Do not be lazy and assume trivial motor maintenance problems in the rain. Clean Motor Bikes that have been exposed to rain and make sure the cloth to dry.