Ducati Ala Rado2 Pursang

Barcelona - A Spanish modification house, Rado2 Pursang featuring new creations by composing look into more radical Ducati Multistrada, Ducati called Rado2 Pursang.

Home modifications this bike was made Ducati Multistrada that combined with the style of supermoto, streetfigter and cafe racer as well.

Rado2 Pursang has this fierce-looking Ducati equip with a capacity of 1,100 cc engine. The body changed to look more aggressive, stylish nakedbike with changes in single-swingarm monster S2R property and changes to the headlights pick-owned Yamaha MT-03, so it looks the front face is sharper.

In the fuel tank re-formulated by Rado with aluminum, while at the stern of using carbon fiber materials.

Ohlins suspension is taken from model cafe racer like the era of the 70s and has LED indicator lights. Frame and swingarm painted white as a typical sign of Ducati.