Tesla Lifts the Skirt on 2011 Model-S All Electric Sedan

*Photo has been removed upon request - See the vehicle in the link below the article
A couple of weeks after Silicon Valley's famed electric carmaker Tesla Motors shocked us with the announcement that it's running low on cash and as a result, it had to lay off people and delay the presentation of its highly anticipated Model-S sports sedan until at least 2011, the company surprised us once again with the release of the first ever teaser shot of the four-door electric sedan. The man you see partially lifting the veil off the Model-S in the picture above is Tesla's recently hired design director Franz von Holzhausen who previously worked for Mazda North America and is considered to be responsible for the Japanese automaker's new look. -Continued
The teaser shot doesn't reveal any specific design details about the Model-S other than it will boast a carbon fiber diffuser integrated in the rear bumper. Speaking with Businessweek, Tesla's chief investor Elon Musk who recently took over as the company's CEO from Ze'ev Drori, said that the Model S will go up against cars like the Lexus GS 450h hybrid, the diesel Mercedes E-class, and the Chevrolet Volt "Our sedan will crush everything out there," Musk said.
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Via: Autoblog.com , Source: BusinessWeek