Modif Honda Vario futuristic

Modif Honda Vario futuristic
There is a new genre in modifying the flow of low-rider. The source from Denpasar, Bali, works modifier Rian Cahyadi against Honda Vario 2008.
Typical low rider style that uses a retreat-retreat maintained. "Only 15 cm pullback," he said. Rian with flag Aboben Variation (AV) try to apply new concepts to the body to look like a robot.
The back is completely new. This section uses fiber material. According to him, with great grooves, there was no sign of the Vario.
The front, though has changed shape, outline still follows the original cover body. Belo a typical lamp lights replaced with a more narrow and sharp. In addition, the side wings are larger and given grid to reinforce the impression of sporty. "In addition to sporty catch, to offset the stern of the many curves," said Rian.

Modif Honda Vario futuristicModif Honda Vario futuristic scooter matic

Rian carefulness in selecting the components of variation deserves thumbs up. Like the exhaust, the choice of artificial Yoshimura exhaust for Ninja 250R in order to offset the large body of fairly precise. That felt better because, she said, which plated muffler suitable for this modification concept. Finally, the body is given a cutting sticker-inspired logos electrical. One of them biohazard logo that is identical with nuclear waste.
(Nurfil) Editor: Bastian