Yamaha Jupiter z Future Modification

Yamaha Jupiter z Coolest airbrush Modification
Motor duck changed so skutik, but bodinya bongsor (large). However, the duet from Johanes Hanafi home modification and X-16 tomy tomy Gunawan's Airbrush reorganize the Yamaha Jupiter-Z is named as the works of their Next-G. Shape almost similar to the jetski.

The concept of Next-G be regarded unique. There are two jobs created both before large Jupiter-Z model so Next-G. According to John, a body's affairs responsibilities, while the engine been tomy. Basically, they work with.

John recognized that the body swell Jupiter is not easy. Breket that have kept the original and some are strengthened, especially the front and back of the body must be calculated so that the scooter can go big.

After that, the body construction grip front nose dimensions changed because Next-G is sharp and wide. How to apply also to time use the back. Dipapas order and re-designed according to the length and width dimensions of the middle and back.

Not to connect with the right angle plate so that the burden of a new tail can be arrested. Change how the body enggak refer to Next-G. To note, that the transmission system been tomy. When the engine start, automatic cash teeth into one. Unfortunately, when asked to kru's X-16 tomy and nothing can explain how to operate the gear shift Next-G.