Binter Merzy 1981 Modification

Binter Merzy 1981 Modification
Binter Merzy 1981 Modification
Binter Merzy 1981 Modification
Binter Merzy 1981 Modification
RatFink comic book character (RF) became an inspiration to modify Binternya Ngurah dreadlocks. "But that's not the style of the famous mouse's imitated to the motor," said Ngurah. Comics RF mouse is a model of automotive hooked. Both cars and motorcycles. Average vehicle changed quite radically. "For the bike, I could see there was an homage to street chopper (SC). That's what I try to emulate," said Ngurah who admitted that his idea was derived from the work of Ed Roth.

Merzy basis, Ngurah sure what it could achieve his dream. The most difficult for the affairs of the frame. Hence, for this one made from new. Of course in making this order, Ngurah also must consider many aspects. Starting from the aesthetics, security until compliance with posture. Vehicles will be understandable slang capital of Denpasar to Kuta

Because of this flow, a man 37 years should also be preoccupied with the election of the rim. "There should be a fairly clear distinction between the two," added the father of three children.

Fortunately, with a size 21 inch front and 18 inch rear he could use the waste Suzuki TS. "It should be noted also profile tires if you want to style like this," said a man who also works as a designer of this shirt.

"Do not select a tire that develops too subtle. A little rough, it actually became more sip. It also gave the impression ol 'skool," continued Ngurah now again this is not dreadlocks.

In creating his handmade rely. Starting from the frame, body, until the stuff taped variations. In addition, he has cultivated a strong and terkonsep details.

Almost all sides until Footstep, standards, and the brake lever is formed through captivating taste. "His name is also handmade, we become more flexible in creating," he explained.

To frame constructed of pipe scudule 3 / 4 dim neatly formed and measured precision. Because, rather than merely being pursued beautiful, but can be worn comfortably. "Do not let a bad shape, but when it climbed only baseball center because of faulty design," added Han-Han.

Body that resembles an anaconda using galvanized plate. Technically, the cultivation of 0.8 mm plate material is quite complicated. Must be patient and neat and symmetrical because not enough just to set up his master and then print as fiberglass.

"That's where his art. As well as consideration of the body disconnected from front to back, then it should look solid and memorable not plastic," why choose to use the plate.

Engine / transmission / carburetor A four-cycle cylinder SOHC / obenliegende chain-driven cam shaft / rocker arm/2-Ventile Capacity: 198 CCM
Drilling: 66 mm Stroke: 58 mm
Compression: 9.0: 1
Achievement: 17 HP (12.5 KW) / 8000/min max.
Torque: 16.8 Nm/7000/min Valve clearance
Inlet: 0.08 - 0:13 mm
Discharge opening: 0.17 - 0:22 mm
Carburetor: Keihin PW26 Main jet: 105 (110) * Leerlaufduese: 38 Needle positions: 3 Basic adjustment: 1 1 / 4 unscrewed Mixture adjusting screw 5-Ganggetriebe primarily Translation: 3.29 (69/21 Z) Translation secondarily: 2, 67 (Z 40 / 15) * In the parts list a 10ër main nozzle is indicated, in the repair on line against it a 110er. In my Carburetors are excluding 10ër.
Amount of filling / dimensions / weight Length: 1980 mm
Beite: 700 mm
Height: 1030 mm
Unloaded weight 136 kg (filled up, inclusive tool / oil)
Level of fuel in the tank: 9.3 l (2.6 l reserve)
Engine oil: 1.4 l / Fork: ca.150 CCM
Engine oil: SAE 10W40/10W50/20W40/20W50 Fork oil: SAE 5W20
Electrical system: Contact-control battery ignition coil
Battery: 12 V/10 AH
Spark plug: NGK B8ES
Chassis Framework: Grinding in hydraulic tubing framework-absorbed teleskopgabel Nachlaufwinkel: 64 ° Wake: 88 mm
In front: a mechanical disc brake
In the back: Drum brake 130 mm
In front: 2.75 x 18
In the back: 3:25 or 3:50 x 17 x 17
Tire pressure solo one (values in parentheses with a partner)
In front 1.75 bar (1.75 bar)
In the back: 2.00 bar (2:50 bar)

Motor shells indeed need to be too forced baseball to appear modern. Fixed old-style so even better. It was also the reason that makes no dreadlocks again Ngurah which was to pick the tank from the DKW.

Elders but shiny. Steady!


Front tire: Swallow 250-21
Rear tire: 400-18
Tank: DKWSissy bar: H-D
Stop lamp: H-D
Handlebar: CustomNgurah: 0812-4667-578