Tattoos Designed With Females in Mind

Tattoos Designed With Females in Mindsexy tattoo on back ladies

Tattoos Designed With Females in Mindsexy tattoo in hand ladies

Tattoos Designed With Females in Mind
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Many of the, so-called, rich and famous people of the world, especially women, are now shown sporting exotic tattoos on various parts of their body -- both those on public view and concealed in other, more intimate areas. Not only women of course. A growing number of your favourite male stars have also been smitten by the tattoo bug. However, many of the hot and unique tattoos for women may be found in male tattoo galleries.
Tattoos designed for women in mind are often, but not always, smaller and more delicate than those sported by their male counterparts. Female tattoos are often created from ancient Celtic designs, beautiful butterflies, or perhaps a multicoloured, exotic flower. Mainly, they are also gentler with more delicate lines and not as aggressive looking as those found on men.
This is not always the case, of course. There is always the exception and some of the more macho women may be seen with tattoos far bolder and more aggressive than those displayed by some men. This trend can often be seen in designs on the lower back and may include tattoo designs even of a tribal nature. Women's tattoo galleries now offer many more of these new and what were once experimental designs in the art of tattooing for women.
Tattoos on the lower back area and other, normally concealed feminine areas, are considered to be really hot and sexy. In the case of a lower back area tattoo, unless wearing beachwear, these tattoos can usually be seen only when a woman "accidentally" bends over and gives a hint -- a flash of something exciting that perhaps, should not normally be seen. A glimpse into a forbidden area, so to speak.
Stomach tattoos are also gaining prominence, as are the shoulders, most frequently the left, as some feel the left side of the body is more feminine than the right. Looks good when wearing a tank, or halter top.
Many tattoo artists, in female tattoo galleries, recommend the ankle and this area seems to be coming quite favoured among the young, as well as the more mature ladies. These are often in the form of a band, perhaps of small flowers, or butterflies, etc. I noticed one containing the words, "Heavens Above". This possibly might have some religious significance?
Whatever your choice of tattoo, eventually it's what you feel is best for you. Something that perhaps is uniquely you and makes you feel good. That is all that really matters in the final analysis. Remember, you will probably be wearing your hot female tattoo for the remainder of your life, unless you later decide on the quite expensive and fairly painful removal of it, so choose wisely.
Choosing wisely applies not only to your choice of the tattoo artist, the quality of his work and his high standards of hygiene, but also the all-important female tattoo design that you seek. There are many, many mediocre and low quality printable tattoos on the internet and you could spend days seeking them out. You could limit your searching to "female only tattoos", but my personal advice would be for you to explore tattoo galleries which cater to both male and female.
These unisex tattoo galleries will give you a much larger selection and contain many beautiful, but also "neutral" tattoo designs, which are great for both males and females. A male and female tattoo gallery, catering to both sexes, also tends to update with high-quality and award-winning tattoo designs.
Now is the time for you to take action and I offer you my own suggestions below.
This final choice is yours, but I would personally recommend that you investigate these two, top tattoo galleries at my Squidoo Page which contain a great selection of quality and often unique designs, including some very hot ones, to satisfy both males and females.
You will find they contain a terrific range of beautiful, printable and hot tattoo designs. Again, look at my Squidoo Page