2010 ModifHonda Beat

AHM will certainly sell his sister Honda Vario to target the low end class. Yes, yes skutik in Thailand named Icon. In fact, the White Elephant in the country now has many versions for modification. Began to change in mild to extreme. Examples on this page. The concept is called art techno ubahannya which means designing body art combine with elements of hi-tech.
honda iconRancangan own body nuance sport. Seen at the stern of the vessel tapered tilled MotoGP race. Especially after the two exchanged tire with a tread width. As a result of motor sport scent becomes more widely smelled.

2010 Modif Honda Beat
2010 Modif Honda Beat

While the hi tech elements shown in the application of some memorable parts sophisticated design. For example exhaust gas channel formed silencernya kinds of triangles, and then on the side given lattice kayak shark respiratory tract. Then behind the original construction monosok erect, altered sleep. Not to mention the addition of an arm on the right side rear wheel fender designed fused roda.Oh yes, this bike is the Honda Thailand's AP offerings. Well, who knows this alteration could be the inspiration that will make you want to buy a scooter matic.
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Data Spesifikasi
tyre (back/front) : Vee Rubber Racing LS-V266, Radial 110/90 - 12 size
shockbraker front : G@zi, upside down
shockbraker back : G@zi type gas
right Swing arm : Panom
Fender back tyre : Panom
exhoust : Custom
back brake : Disc Brake