Louis Vuitton Limited Sports Car

In this year’s Geneva auto exhibition by a responsible makes Vuitton depend critically concept car, and public praise, and also won the old car magazine car weekly selection of “the most interesting cars” award.
Interestingly, it didn’t depend Vuitton super luxury car of name and the windscreen installed hood. Don’t say Vuitton depend glass is too expensive? However, they designed a helmet for drivers with double-layer structure, cheeks, and protect the structure can also freely. And also has hidden vents.
Not only that, they also depend on Vuitton leather and synthetic fabrics for materials, for the drivers are equipped with a pair of sun protection lens and two clothing. And shoulder, knee, urban driving the use of such small parts and special shoes hris. Depend, are always dress Vuitton the king, even manufacturing cars can do so fashionable. But, they have thought, the heat to 999, no roof, no glass, how to avoid burning sun? Light is sun glasses should be enough? Louis vuitton bags
But this car is limited, only a handful of fans or Vuitton fan can be lucky enough to have. Therefore, even if it doesn’t rain, wind, cannot hide these trivial things, it has great value to the collection by dilute. The luxury limited-absolute sports is interesting, donations.

louis vuitton sports car