Sexy with Butterfly Tattoo Designs For All Ages

By Kaila West

Tattoos are one of the more unique forms of body art or decoration. Although most people have historically associated tattoos and tattooing with men, there are a growing number of women that also enjoy being inked. A butterfly tattoo in one of many different traditional or ultra stylized motifs is a natural favorite for many women. Butterflies can be very whimsical, ethnic or even highly abstract. There are a great many designs to choose from within every category.
A butterfly tattoo can symbolize a wide range of themes or make a very personalized statement. Traditionally they have symbolized beauty in nature, but also transformation and change. This is because of the different forms that a butterfly takes in its life, eventually emerging as one of the most colorful and beautiful creations. Getting inked with this design can also be the symbol of a free spirit, willing to try new things and explore the world around them. Others symbolize new beginnings and a harmony with nature, or just an appreciation for the designs, shapes and colors of these summer favorites.
Making the decision to get a tattoo is a personal choice, both in the type of tattoo as well as the color choice. Since butterflies are very colorful in nature, many of the profile or full butterfly tattoos are highly inked in bright colors such as reds, greens, deep blues, yellows, oranges and purples. The beauty of a tattoo type that has this affinity for color means that it can be customized to your specific color requirements and preferences. Black ink is typically used in the outline and the detail lines, providing both depth and clarity to the design.
However, not all butterfly tattoos are going to be in full color. There are many silhouette or even Celtic and tribal designs that may include additional ink colors or can look very striking in black alone. The more ornate and detailed the tattoo is in outline and detail lines the more effective and outstanding it looks as a black only ink colored tattoo. Designing your own custom butterfly tattoo, either to work into existing tattoos or to simply meet your own preferences, is another option. Working with a tattoo designer or artist can help you achieve just the tattoo you have always wanted.
When selecting what butterfly tattoo you want you do have to have a body part to tattoo in mind. This is because some tattoos are designed to conform to a specific body part; however they can always be modified. Popular places for small women's butterfly tattoos include on the shoulder, the ankle or on the stomach/hip. For larger or more stylized tattoos the lower back, the upper chest and even as an ankle bracelet style, butterfly motifs are a great match. Butterflies can also be chained with flowers, hearts or literally any other image on bracelet or anklet tattoos. They make for a more feminine addition to an armband tattoo as well.
Choosing the location of your tattoo is something that needs some serious consideration. Remember that a tattoo is forever, although there are now some options to have them removed that can be very effective but costly. If you just keep in mind how often you want the tattoo to be visible and how it will work into other tattoos you may be considering you should be on the right track. When your tattoo artist is placing the stencil on your skin, you can always change your mind and have it moved. Work with the artist to make sure the spot and the style is just what you want before he or she starts outlining your next butterfly tattoo.