Tattoos - Myth of the Unicorn

Every little drop of ink that I've allowed to flow into my skin has been questioned, but none more than the little unicorn that decorates the inside of my ankle. My mystical unicorn goes against every other piece of art I have adorned myself with and people often question my "theme".

The only theme I have used in the placement and planning of my tattoos has been my life. The personal journey I have taken since that fateful day many years ago when I ventured into my first tattoo parlor has been colorful and inspiring. Each phase has been honored for all to see in living color upon my skin. It's when I look at my little unicorn that I remember that life is a mystery filled with miracles, dreams, and an overall hope and belief in a better tomorrow. It is my faith, my personal belief system, all summed up in a delicate, slumbering unicorn that represents every wish I've dared to dream.

No matter the design you choose, the representation should always be the same. You. Whatever phase you're living or dream you're dreaming, a tattoo can help you to dedicate your journey by honoring your past and reminding you that to live your direction must be forward. Hard to believe it can be summed up in a unicorn, but I'm living proof.

When I share the story of my unicorn, occasionally I come across someone who really gets it, and I can see the inspiration dawning in their gaze. It is at this moment, when I have provided someone with the courage to follow their own dream, that I am truly alive.

It is the mystery and myth of the unicorn that keeps me hoping for a better tomorrow, no matter where any of us stands right now. Find your own flag! Find your beacon that always brings you back to that hope. Whether through tattoos or not, it's that light we cling to that will keep us in the game.