Tattoos For Girls - Hot Foot, Neck and Side Designs That Are Feminine and Sexy

If you are looking for something that is new, feminine, cute and sexy all at the same time then you will have to check out these super popular and hot trends in tattoo designs. These are some of the top most requested and hottest trends and ideas in feminine tattoo designs and tattoos for girls. These will ideally spark your own ideas and get your own creative thoughts going so you can make a unique tattoo design of your own.

Hot Foot Tattoo Designs

Foot tattoos have long been very popular items. It used to be the ankle tattoo that was all the rage but slowly over time women starting moving down to the top of the foot and now that is one of the most often requested and popular design locations for a tattoo. Things such as stars, flowers, fairies and angels can all work very well as foot tattoos.

Neck Tattoos For Women

Neck tattoos were more traditional reserved for men but these days more and more women are getting neck tattoos. However men most often get them on the side or the front of the next where as women tend to get them on the back of the neck or the area called the nape of the neck. This is a small little and delicate area to get a tattoo design done and therefore your tattoo should match. A beautiful ribbon or small cluster of stars or flowers would work perfectly in this area. Something small, delicate and feminine looks incredible sexy in this area.

Side Tattoos For Girls

This has been hit on as one of the most popular feminine tattoos right now in other articles but we can't say enough about side and hip tattoos. These are some of the greatest and definitely most sexy locations for a tattoo design that is out there currently. The side tattoo can feature a variety of designs but most often flowers, stars, and words are some of the most popular ideas.

As you can see there are many different locations on the body that a women can get a tattoo and these are just three of the most popular ideas and locations currently out there. If one sparks your interest then do some further research and find other designs in this same location. Often searching online for tattoo designs can be frustrating if you are trying to just copy the exact design you find. Instead fif you can find pictures and design ideas as resources and then work with a professional tattoo artist to take in all of your idea and tweak it to the final design you want you will end up much happier with the final result.

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